WPM [Upload your peace related activities]

World Peace Mission has recognized that violence is pervasive in our culture and impacts our young people every day, from guns on the streets to bullies in schools, intolerance, and our inability to connect with respect and be kind to each other. These experiences have a devastating effect on young people’s healthy development, and contribute to a cycle that is at the root of so many other problems in the world we live in. Working with young people has taught us that they can be powerful problem-solvers if they are called and prepared to do so. By teaching young people the human values and the skills of courage, compassion, and collaborative leadership, we can unleash their moral imagination. By investing in those ideas, we can help them address some of the most challenging issues in their communities. Now is the time to unleash this untapped resource by teaching young people the skills they need to solve the problems that matter most to them, and investing in the ideas that will help change our world for truly the better. WPM is going to launch a peace curriculum in schools to help them develop and practice positive behaviors. Practicing peace means being in action. By providing an opportunity to kids and youth to engage in peace related activities, WPM intends to cultivate a culture of respect and unity early in their minds and thus make a positive contribution to the world.

We invite you to upload your peace promoting works including e-cards, music, posters, videos, speeches, documentaries, and movies on our website. [Depending on relevance, quality and content, WPM will make final decision on posting your work.]

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