WPM Code of conduct

Participants’ conduct during WPM activities impacts the image of the organization as a whole. It is a
special privilege to participate in WPM activities and all participants are responsible for conducting
themselves in a manner that reflects the high standing of the organization at all times. Please carefully
review the Code of Conduct as your participation in the WPM activities will signify that you have read,
understand, and intend to abide by it.
As a WPM member or volunteer, I agree to:
1. Participate fully in the work of the WPM by volunteering to undertake specific tasks arranged in a
particular area that I have signed up to perform and assisting with any event associated with it.
2. Behave in a courteous and respectful manner towards others at all times and refrain from language and
actions that might bring discredit upon myself and my organization, committing that:
● I will not exchange money, offers of employment, employment, goods,or services for sex.
● I will not abuse or exploit children under the age of 18 in any way. I will not engage in sexual activity
with children under the age of 18.
● I will contribute to a working environment characterised by mutual respect, integrity and dignity.
● I will not physically or psychologically abuse another person.
● I understand that sexual relationships with volunteers are strongly discouraged.
4. Respect the culture of countries visited and behave appropriately according to the cultural norms, and in
line with this code of conduct.
5. Not consume alcoholic beverages to a level of intoxication where I am not able to control my behavior
and conduct myself in a courteous and respectful manner.
6. Not consume or possess illegal narcotics of any form under any circumstances.
7. Report any accidents, injuries or illnesses to the Code of Conduct focal point.
9. Be responsible for my own actions at all times.
In the event of a violation of this Code of Conduct I accept that:
1. Support may be withdrawn from me to attend the event, and I may not be invited to future events.

2. WPM is not liable or responsible for any legal actions brought against me by government authorities, and
that I will be responsible for all legal costs in such circumstances.

Participant Contract

I have read carefully and understand the Event Code of Conduct and guidelines above. I hereby agree to
abide by its requirements and commit to upholding the standards of conduct required.
I confirm that I have obtained appropriate personal accident, travel and medical insurance covering my
attendance at the event.