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Dear friends,
Twenty-five years have passed since World Peace Mission started functioning. It has been ceaselessly working for a quarter century for world peace, love and social unity, to conscientize the world population, to proclaim goodness to make practical the factors for human relations and allied activities. 

“Humanity is one; minds sans borders are one.” World Peace Mission aims to spread this message, and through it to recognize humanity and promote love and the formation of human communities that stand united. What the world today needs most urgently is peace. Peace is the foundation of morality, humanity, respectability, progress and success. Since several factors stand in the way of social cohesion, we notice a breakdown in relations among individuals, societies and countries. This augurs ill for world peace.

The need today is to extend the messages of peace among individuals, families, universities and communities, and to establish peace by serving as role models. This target can be achieved to some extent. This earth is the common heritage of all humanity; through loving collaboration, irrespective of colour and caste, we can establish a commonwealth of fraternity and love; World Peace Mission’s action plan is the attainment of peace. It would be possible to eradicate apartheid, caste differentiation, racial segregation and fundamentalism from human minds only through creative projects, education and training. We can lay the basis for growth as humanitarians through classes for conscientization in schools and colleges, and sow seeds of peaceful life in the new generation. The ministries provided by World Peace Mission comprise One Heart One World, Family mission, Charity mission, Educational mission, Medical mission, Green World mission, Empowering women, Media mission, Social justice, Peace garden for Elderly. 

The unprecedented circumstances this year are a powerful reminder to humanity that we are all connected, that we impact each other as we live together in our common home on this earth, and we must all work together as a family to resolve the problems and issues that impact our lives. The UN has asked to propagate the theme for the 2020 International Day of Peace, “Shaping Peace Together “by spreading compassion, kindness and hope in the face of the pandemic. In order for us to shape the peace together, we must cultivate a mindset for building peace and keeping it our prime focus of daily life.

Thanks to everyone who has been cooperating with World Peace Mission in its ministries. Let us maintain sincere love, compassion, care and concern in the depths of our minds, and strive to uphold humanity and compassion. Let World Peace Mission serve as the setting for all such undertakings.

With loving regards,
Dr. Sunny Stephen


WPM Ministries

WPM promotes an innovative, value based approach to peace building through its various ministries for the past 25 years,striving hard to serve as a link in bringing together people from all walks of life, beyond all considerations of caste, creed, colour, language, region and religion. Our vision is “On earth as it is in heaven” - humanity is but one panel; live and let livewithout walls separating people. WPM offers humanitarian services through the ten ministries listed below.

Through interreligious dialogue, WPM interacts with members of different religions and faiths, and takes initiatives to bring peace, harmony, and equality. WPM aims to understand their uniqueness, richness and diversity, and thus enhance mutual respect among them. Peace clubs in schools and colleges have been established, enablingstudents and youngsters to acquire life skill-based education. Nature Tourism is encouraged by WPM conserving the environment and thereby improving the welfare and lives of people. Sociocultural programs are organized at international levels to promote intercultural life and give space for religions to contribute and complement each other.
In celebration of the 25 th anniversary, World Peace Mission awards have been instituted to recognize the humanitarian workers who contributed selfless services relating to issues of peace and human rights, education, media, women empowerment and excellence in social services, namely,(a). WPM Peace & Harmony Award (b) WPM Humanitarian Award (c) WPM Women Empowerment Award (d) WPM Green World Mission Award (e) WPM Social Service Excellence Award (f) WPM Media Excellence Award (g) WPM Tribal Mission Award. Universal education aims at widespread availability of
information worldwide, and freedom of thoughts and beliefs.


WPM has conducted family seminars and conferences around the world which helped young couples, youth, adolescents/kids, parents and elderly develop healthy coping mechanisms to deal with stress of today’s world through activities like family counseling, peace yoga, family enrichment programs, family mission trips, and international family meets. We encompass and embrace families through supporting needs and being with families in crisis. WPM Family counselors help individuals navigate conflict, resolve internal struggles through proper communication in a safe environment and have successfully brought back about 30,000 families back from the verge of separation in five continents in the last 25 years. About 3000 families have benefited through WPM family counselling in 2019.

WPM has its charity mission in full swing in 5 continents and 53 countries to meet the basic needs of underprivileged people all over the world. We provide food for the hungry through a program called “Food andEducation Respectfully” build homes for the destitute, mentally challenged and orphaned, arrange elderly and palliative care, refugee and tribal care and disaster relief. We also organize charity pickup and provide rehabilitation services to prisoners.


WPM supports students by motivating and encouraging them to take responsible roles in building their skills and confidence to face the challenges of life in a mature way. This is made possible through value education provided at school levels, which lays stress on character formation, personality development, social commitment, and motivational classes. The book “Essence of Life” has been released and distributed for this purpose at school levels. World Peace Academy is a WPM endeavor which conducts various degree, diploma, post-graduate, M-Phil and doctorate programs in collaboration with TRADA Institute of Social Sciences. Free education and evening colleges are offered to the tribal communities and the marginalized in various regions of the world. WPM conducts international youth festivals every year to help them discover their talents and offer them for the service of mankind. Mass demonstrations, public lectures, seminars and symposiums are conducted in colleges and universities to promote peace.

Regular medical camps are organized in afflicted areas around the world, to promote mother and child wellbeing, with classes provided on self-care, disease prevention, hygiene, nutrition, healthy lifestyle, and hands-on training to empower the communities. WPM has physicians, nurses, and other volunteers who serve the needs of communities at all times through Contagion-Free Mission and Angels of Mercy programs. WPM peace workers giveawareness to the youth on drug-free environment and ill effects of alcoholism through multidimensional family therapy, psychosocial treatments, and continuing care through 12 Steps program, A A, Al-anon and Al-ateen. Cancerprevention and detection camps are conducted along with cancer treatment, palliative care, counselling, grief therapy, self-esteem building, and financial support for prostheses. Mobile clinic offers chronic care management of bed-ridden patients, care of the elderly, tobacco and smoking cessation counseling, antenatal and postnatal care, and cancer screening.

WPM encourages and educates people to follow the measures to save the planet and to avoid the harmful habits and practices affecting global warming. Various activities that have been launched by WPM include Eco-Education, Re-green Our Planet, Breathe Pure (a global campaign to reduce air pollution), and No Plastic- Reduce-Reuse-Recycle, Heal Our World (to conserve the natural resources) and Media activism (campaigning by sending a
text to participate in any Green World Mission activity).
With the purpose of educating and empowering women to advance equality, gain confidence, practice self-care and support each other to build economies and to make better life decisions on issues which affect their social, emotional and physical wellbeing, WPM has instituted six programs for women - Mentor a Girl, Female Force, Girl Power, Super Fem, Peer Space, and Medicare.
We live in a world where technology and media are interwoven and neither can be separated from contemporary society. WPM uses media as a powerful tool to mobilize people to achieve peace through film festivals,
World Peace TV and Radio, Facebook, Twitter, Print Media, News Portal and Blog and YouTube videos.
WPM stands firm in promoting social justice to all people sharing a common humanity, equitable treatment, supporting their human rights and a fair allocation of community resources. The ‘Task Force’ of WPM along with Social Guards and Peace Volunteers, raise their voices for the security of both men and women from sexual assaults, racism, bullying, cyber-attacks, child abuse, etc. WPM arranges monthly webinars for children to create awareness about social justice and rights. WPM also coordinates with native communities to raise concern on issues involving the rights of the people of the land.

The Peace Garden is a WPM initiative, designed for the aged population, with a vision to improve their quality of life at their last stage of life. It is a housing scheme for the elderly, where they get free medical care, counseling, yoga, meditation, and access to nature friendly activities as well as trips to their dream spots, etc.

peace garden inauguration


To share our love, peace, compassion and friendship with people all around us irrespective of their origin and admitting everyone into our fellowship without prejudices or judgment, and with sincerity and faithfulness.  


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 “On earth as it is in heaven” – humanity is one family; live and let live without walls separating people.

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