The World Peace Mission (WPM) works through a variety of means in bringing together people

from all walks of life in love and peace. The association’s leaders readily conform to
humanitarian requirements and promote equity and justice among people. Its administrative and
ministerial setup, style of functioning, missionary ventures and all other works are marked by
genuine commitment and conviction for the promotion of peace.
Towards that end, WPM encourages responsible financial practices that promote quality of life,
protection of people and the environment. WPM prohibits investment in companies that have
been associated with unfair labour practices, environmental abuses, apartheid, human rights
abuses, violence or discrimination. This extends to any entity that profits from products or
services that hinder peace and harmony. Hence, all funds will be invested in companies that are
in agreement with WPM’s purpose.
WPM retains the right to evaluate all potential investment opportunities and institutions, and to
reject involvement with any that would run counter to its goals.
This policy will take effect as of 1st May 2021, and will be reviewed every 3 years.
WPM will make its ethical investment policy through a link on its website.