WPM is committed to equal opportunity and opposed to exploitation, harassment and violence

and discriminations based on personal attributes such as gender, race, ethnicity, sexual
orientation or disability. We seek to implement and promote the values described here in relation
to our members, staff, volunteers and others associated with WPM activities. We welcome
partnership with organizations that share our values including this statement of values.
WPM seeks to protect and respect the rights, dignity and autonomy of staff, members and
volunteers and any others for whom WPM has a duty of care.
WPM will strive at all times to create a safe and respectful environment and workplace for all
individuals associated with its activities.
WPM will not tolerate or condone any racial, sexual or other forms of demeaning treatment,
abuse, harassment, exploitation or violence. WPM will take all reasonable steps within our
power to protect our staff, members and volunteers from being harmed by any irrational behavior
undermining people’s personal, sexual and ethnic dignity, rights and security.
In the event of concerns or action incompatible with WPM diversity and equal opportunities
values, all are encouraged to bring such matters to our immediate attention. WPM will take
appropriate and immediate action consistent with our remit, responsibilities and duties to address
such situations which may undermine the personal safety, dignity, and/or well-being of WPM
staff, members