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Like any meditations we start with relaxation, grounding awareness and quiet moments. This time we come into grounding and relaxation with awareness of nature. Listen to the sound of rain drops for five minutes or to the wind blowing through bamboo trees or listen to your favorite soothing music. Flow with it, a deeper awareness of becomingone with the sound. In the deep quietness within we can sit down and write some of the events that are still causing guilt, jalousies, compulsions, bad habits or addictions. Those may be the areas that cause guilt. Shame comes from comparing ourselves with others, competing with others and not accepting what is given to us or not accepting our weakness. When we accept our weaknesses, we become stronger and positive. We need to write them down together in the silence that we have created. Find a suitable place of your own to listen to a sound and sit down. And whenever your concentration and attention wanders bring your attention back consciously. If you are listening to a bird singing, listen only to that sound. If you are listening to rain, listen only to that. Whatever it is you have to take around five minutes listening to one sound, or touching a flower or a leaf for five minutes, or becoming one with it, or just having one dry grape raisin in the mouth and taste the texture of it, the size of it, color of it. It’s your time… Now we go into a way of attending our self where we are stuck with guilt. Where do we feel that we are not good enough- whether it is in our performance, appearance, morality, relationship, life itself, any addictions, bad habits, competitions, unforgiveness, unacceptance or jealousies. Don’t take everything; take one or two-one major event and a minor one. Think about an event where you feel shameful, not good enough, not accepted in the community or in the family or among friends’ circle or a frustration about a dream about which you had lots of fantasies, but you couldn’t reach up to. Or, maybe something you wanted to do very well with the studies and did not perform well. There are areas of guilt and shame that can be combined or separate. You need to write down this four, two from guilt and two from shame, in your mind. Now we are going to announce those selected items. Why do we announce? We are teaching a method of paradoxical thinking. When we say that I don’t have guilt it will not leave you. So, we need to address it. Denying sin may be a cause of remaining in guilt, so accept it and announce it. When you announce, you accept that you are a sinner and asking for divine mercy. When you come to that level your sins are forgiven, and the sins which have made your whole-body red like a scarlet are made in to white, and in the same way the shame. The divine love accepts you totally and unconditionally. The love that seeks you, finds you, and embraces you when open up. It is total acceptance that you experience after being accepted by the divine love. He accepts you from the top to the feet. Every part of your body, whatever part of your body that you commit sin or mistake, every corner of your mind, your thinking or thoughts, every part of your soul, every year of your life, every day of your life, every day of the year, every hour of the day, every minute of the hour is totally accepted. Totally embracing and celebrating is not just forgiving but celebrating and raising you into belovedness. When you experience that belovedness, you can be a blessing to yourself and others. It is not a praise of honor; it is a praise of celebrating your love and laughter. It is a dance with a rhythm in front of a dad who lovesand who enjoys and accepts that gift of life. Let our words encourage others. Let our sharing with one another take away the guilt from each other. Let our sharing with each other at the end of the meditation take away the shame, let us feel that equity, equanimity, harmony, connectedness, belongingness and belovedness. Let us celebrate and thank God. At least once a week we can do this because we may be accumulating some shame and guilt either from our workplace or in our relationship or from our moral standard that we hold inside like perfectionism or super ego. Thank you for listening to me and May you experience the peace and tranquility of a guilt and shame free mind.

Guilt and Shame –negative emotions that could affect your life

Today we are talking about meditating on guilt and shame, how to get rid of it or how to remove it through meditation. Meditation is a method of balancing our emotions and body so that we experience the divine love that transforms us. Guilt and shame are highly negative emotions. Those are unpleasant and impact our personality and spiritual life. Guilt and shame are the products of events in our life. Remaining in guilt will prevent the power of healing because the power of divine love is greater, deeper and wider than any guilt or shame that is haunting us.Shame comes either through genetic inheritance, childhood experiences, family chaos, traumatic experiences or different source of moral guilt which are not reconciled or shared with others. Now here is a method - a group meditation method, though we do the meditation privately, at the end of the meditation we share with each other the areas of guilt and shame that was binding us. It is always healthier to share at the end of the meditation, either in the large group or with one or two companions with whom you feel comfortable.

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