Let’s meditate…. Let’s meditate on techniques for relaxation. In this technique, to recognize the soothing effect of relaxation, we create the tension first. These events of tension and relaxation are created in controlled pace. Start with the left foot. Create tension by stretching it downwards, all the toes to the ground. Experience the tension on the toes, heels, ankles, calf muscles and the whole leg. Take a deep breath. After holding the breath for few seconds release the air through opened mouth. Feel the tension being released. Now do the same with the right foot. Bring back into normal position and see the difference of soothing sensation and the tension. Now do with both feet. Experience the relaxation, the soothing sensation within both the sole of the feet, the ankle and the whole leg. Now rotate both feet clockwise and counter-clockwise. Do it three times. Take a deep breath and breathe out, and see the soothing sensation on the muscles. Now you have to create tension on the calf muscles by raising the feet up to the knee level, and raise the knees. Take a deep breath and breathe out, three times, and now release it and bring it back to the normal position. See the soothing sensation on the calf muscle and on the knee. Either by lying down in Savasana position or sitting on the ground, bring your knees up. Take a deep breath. Now let it go back into normal position and experience the soothing sensation on the knees, on the calf muscles, on the ankle, on the toes, on the sole of the feet. Repeat three times. Repeat the same relaxation techniques with arms. Start with the left fist. Create the tension by clinching your fist tight. Feel the soothing effect as you releases the tension. Synchronize the relaxation with breathing. Bend the arm at the elbow and release gently to relax. Do it three times. Continue by lifting arms. Release slowly. Repeat the relaxation with the right fist and continue the process. Now continue with both fists together. Repeat with the elbow and lifting arms. Now with deep inhalation fill your abdomen with air. Feel the movement of all muscles in your abdomen. Build up the tension in the abdomen by amplifying the breath. Hold your breath for few seconds and exhale with your mouth open. Feel the relaxation. Feel the massaging effect on all internal organs. Do it three times. Now raise your buttocks and create tension on your buttocks. Gently drop it back to normal position and see the soothing sensation. Continue three times. Now create tension in your chest cavity by taking in breath and holding it there. Hold it for some time so there is tension in the chest cavity. Relax and release with a deep exhalation. Do it three times. Now you have to create tension on your back bone by folding your shoulder to the knees. Then the back bone will be made into an arch. Bring it back into normal position with exhalation. Do it three times. Now tilt the head backwards, then to the left, to the right, and then the chin to the chest. Do the same action in opposite. Repeat three times. Create tension on the cheek, on the forehead, on the eyelids. Repeat all three times. Now you are fully relaxed, fully grounded. Listen to the near sound and the far sound. You have fully prepared for your meditation. Bring in your imagination, a situation when you got angry. And look at your face. What is your face like? You’re looking with bold eyes, swollen cheeks, teeth biting, with head up. All tensed; do you want to keep it like that? Look at the other side. See yourself relaxed and smiling warmly. See yourself smiling makes you happy. Imitate and reinforce that smiling you.Recognize that divine grace. Now again see the contrast on the other side, left side. You see like an angry looking animal, like a barking dog, or a cheetah or a tiger or a lion attacking its prey, its enemy. They are filled fear, anxiety and threat. Do you want to be that? Decide. “I don’t want to be that.” Now you see a cat sleeping in your lap, or a little puppy playing with you, or a little child sleeping on your shoulder, something which is very calm, relaxed and soothing. It’s beautiful, it’s lovely. Don’t you want to keep a face and a voice and an appearance which is beautiful, soothing, lovely, calm, quiet and gentle? It’s your decision. That decision alone is not enough. Let your mind know you’re that smiling relaxed person and that you can do that and much more. If you ask, surely you will get it. Now, not only asking, you need to express that you are an angry person and that you need to get rid of anger. You are not only anger. You are more than anger. So why don’t you own it up? Recognize that divinity in you. You are more than an emotion of anger. Help me to balance it. I don’t want to dwell in it. I don’t want to escalate it. I don’t want to hold it in my chest. in my memory. I don’t want to act on it. Anger can visit me once in a while, but only in a mild form when I want to express it. I don’t want to express it in a wild way. Imagine you are sitting in front of a fire place, the warmth of the fire soothing you. You carry a piece of clean white paper in your hand and a pencil. Write in that paper all the angry moments you have gone through, may be with your friends, siblings, parents, spouse or your co-workers. Once you empty all the emotions, when you have written all that in that paper, crush the piece of paper. Throw that into the fire and see that burn in front of your eyes. Feel that comfort of a relaxed happy mind.I am lovable and respectful. I am loved and respected. I do want to respect and love others. Teach me meekness and humility. Rather than focusing on anger, allow me to shift my focus from anger to activity and to service. Make me a messenger of peace. Sense the air around you, as it makes gentle contact with your exposed skin. Take in a full breath and let it out as slowly as you can, Letting go off your breath and tension. Slow down, pause and reconnect with your body and breath. Savor this relaxed moment. And when it feels right, open your eyes. Thank you for practicing with me. I wish you a wonderful day.

Controlling anger before it controls you

Let’s meditate on anger management. Anger is a completely normal, usually healthy, human emotion, a power for self-defense. But when it gets out of control and turns destructive, it can lead to problems in our life.We all have anger. Anger is a must for doing justice to oneself. It’s a signal, a signal for correction if a boundary is violated, or justice denied. It’s okay to be angry. It’s healthy to be angry. I’m a human being. I am weak. I have anger. I have a right for anger. I get angry frequently. I am more than my anger. Let’s reflect. Every day how many times do you get angry? And also measure the strength of the anger, the volume of the anger. You can say that while I was angry or irritated, I was hurt. But when it gets out of control and turns destructive, it can lead to problems in our life.Escalated anger leads to hatred and hatred leads to anxiety, lack of peace of mind, energy drain and negativity, crushing creativity. Hatred leads to lost productivity and broken relationships. So we need to regulate and control our anger before it takes over you. We need to balance anger for the sole purpose of defense. That balancing is very important for our spiritual life. This could happen only when we are relaxed and when able to see things in the right perspective. Talk to your mind to unbind you, release you. Say gently, “allow me to let go from this anger. I am more than my anger; I don’t want to be a victim of this anger”. Recite this prayer two more times.

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