Let’s meditate….

Sit in a comfortable position without any tension or pressure anywhere in the body. We do not want our attention to be focused in any tight areas. Now, tell yourself that you have the ability to be relaxed in each and every moment. As you settle in, take a moment to scan your body and wherever possible, soften and release any obvious areas of physical tension. Now, allow your attention to rest on your natural breath. Breathe out and in- to a count of four. Hold-for a count of 2. Breathe out with a humming noise. Invite this practice to be soothing. Allow your mind and body to shift into a peaceful state. Each time when you take breath, breathe in peace, joy and stillness. Breathe out tension, anxiety or any unpleasant memories or emotions. You feel like the most relaxed person in the world. Now you are going to focus your attention on the top of your head. Relax the top of your head, the hair follicles, the skull bone, the scalp. Focus your attention on the forehead, relax, then on the back of your head and the sides of your head. Now your head is getting fully relaxed. Now have a positive imagery in your mind. Your head is becoming relaxed. Fully relaxed brain cells are being replaced with joy, with good memories, with sharp focus, with real peace, with a real satisfaction and freedom. Bring into your mind the moments of happiness in your life, moments of joy and peace you encountered. Tell yourself, you are happy and you have peace within you. Now focus on your eyes. Remember the most beautiful things you have seen in this world, may be, snowcapped mountains, green forests, lovely paddy fields, lovely flowers of mustard, lovely flowers of orchids, blue sky, sunset, sunrise, singing birds and flowers. And see your own parents face. Smile of your child's face, the different places that you have visited and the beauty of those. See that divine presence everywhere. The divine light of vitality and abundance. That light belongs to you; you are that light. The beautiful sounds of rain, the waterfalls, the raindrops, Dad and mom calling your pet name. Let it sink into your memory into your ears. If you are distracted, bring your mind back to those beautiful things. See the faces of people who have loved you and hear their sounds calling you, laughing with you, talking to you. Let all your tension flow away. Let every cell in your body be filled with love and peace. Let every cell in your body be filled with gratitude, freedom, and joy. Be immersed in that experience – seeing, hearing, and tasting...Recollect the road by which you walked into your school, the smell of coffee flower, the smell of paddy field, the smell of rice, new rain, the smell of jasmine and rose flower, the smell of water fish. See that divine love everywhere, the love that created all these for you. Now focus your attention to the cheeks, the love that you have received and the love that you have given. Focus on your spine and vertebrae, the back of your neck and the front of your neck,The thyroid gland the pituitary, The shoulders the axilla, The upper elbow the lower elbow, the upper arm, the lower arm the wrist, the small finger, the second, third finger, the fourth finger and the thumb, each and every vertebra hanging like bangles on a string, not touching each other, every muscle thin, soft, flexible and separate, every blood vessel and nerve and tendon not touching each other,just stretched out separate so that nothing is tensed. Everything is loose and flexible. Everything is soft and gentle. Breathe into the area where there is tension. Close your mouth and breathe in, open your mouth and breathe out….three times. Do abdominal breathing like a balloon. Stretch your abdominal muscles like balloon. Experience stillness. Experience relaxation of your arms and hands, your neck, face, chin, jaw, tongue and mouth. Relax top of your head, back of your head. Don’t hold back. Now concentrate your attention on the chest. Imagine your upper chest is just like an umbrella. Let that be opened. Just like the closing of an umbrella, close your chest,hold the breath, create tension in the chest and let go, three times. Now you are fully relaxed. Take in the breath of life, the breath of joy, the breath of love, the breath of freedom and justice. Now focus your attention on the abdomen, the stomach, the pancreas, the liver, the spleen, the kidneys, and all the internal organs including reproductive organs. The more relaxed you are, the more you shed the ego and become one with the higher power, the core of your existence. You need stillness, silence, and need to be one with silence. You need to be still in order to know the power that exists in you. Focus on your mouth, the foods that you have eaten, the love with which it was served. Different foods like papaya, apples, jackfruit, mangoes... Let the taste of it flow into your memory and water your tongue. Let you be aware and be immersed in gratitude. Let all your tension flow away. Let every cell in my body be filled with love and peace. Let every cell in my body be filled with gratitude. Let every cell of my body be filled with freedom, joy and peace, the love that you have received and given, the beauty that you are. Let every cell of your body be replaced with love, joy and new freedom. Focus on your fingers and every letters, words, lines and books you wrote with it. Be still and experience that divine love. Now concentrate your attention on your pelvic girdle, the bones and the reproductive organs. Take away all guilt and shame. Thank the Lord for the womanhood, manhood, and capacity to give and receive love. Thank God for making you a part of the creative power. Thank and praise God for the joy and pleasure that you received. Thank God for creating you in His image. Thank God for creating you as a father or a mother. Thank God for creating you as a brother or a sister. Thank God for creating you as a child. Now become aware of your thighs, knees, calf muscles, ankles, feet, each and every toe. Thanks for the number of miles that you have walked all these years, for carrying the weight of the body, especially the back muscles for carrying the structure of your body. Thank God for the ability to walk for years and serve others. Thank God for the gift of bearing children. Thank God for the good food you have eaten, for the places that you have visited. If there is any tension in your mind, leave it to God. He is holding a balloon. You put every piece of tension into that balloon that he is holding. The balloon will float up in the sky and disappear into His Ocean of kindness and mercy. Now you are released from your past, it has no hold on you. You live in the moment. Thank God for this moment of stillness, for this moment of faith, for the moment of confidence, safety, and secure feeling. Thank God for your heartbeat. Thank you for practicing with me. I hope you feel peace and joy for the rest of the day.

Negative impacts of stress in our day-to-day life

Hey there! Welcome to this meditation to release stress from our day to day life.Stress is a normal physiological and physical reaction to the demands of our life.Unrelieved stress results in impaired physical and emotional health and affects our day to day activities.With every change in our life, new stress evolves and no one can avoid it altogether.. We can’t eliminate stress completely but we may be able to eliminate unnecessary stress and manage effectively. This meditation will help you to release your stress, for that, it is vital that we need to relax totally. As our body, mind and soul are connected, relaxing our body first is important.

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