Let’s meditate…

Hello, welcome to the meditation for fear management from World Peace Mission. Today we are going to experience the power of meditation to mitigate fear and empower us. In the next 15-20 minutes we will explore the power of meditation and how positive affirmation and gratitude acts as tools to stay away from fear. In meditative stage, when we calm the mind down, perceptions turn to reality. Like a still lake clarifying the image of trees on its banks, our thoughts become clear and we will be able to find solutions to the problems that may be haunting us for years and years. Let’s begin. I invite you to sit in a safe and comfortable position with spine straight. Keep your eyes closed. Feel the movement of cool air through your nose filling the lungs. With every inhalation imagine you are taking air into your lungs, like a balloon getting filled up.. With every inhalation feel the movement of your chest, chest bone and the diaphragm at the bottom of your thoracic area. The air-filled lungs push the diaphragm down opening up the abdomen. Every time when exhale, imagine the warm air going from the lungs through the trachea, through your throat and the nostrils touching the upper lip. If you are able, make every breath deeper and deeper. Every time, between the inhalation and exhalation, imagine the inhaled oxygen being exchanged with the carbon dioxide in your lungs. Listen to the music of your breath – the most beautiful symphony you are endowed with, the masterpiece created by the concerted action of many muscles, bones and joints. You may also imagine a bright yellow light flowing into you with every breath, the yellow light of universal abundance and vitality. That light belongs to you. You are that light and that light is you. With every breath fill that light in your body, in every bone, every muscle and every joints. If you feel uncomfortable in any part of your body, fill that area with this light of vitality. We are part of that light. Feel the service of it. There may be several reasons you might feel the fear. Remember: fear is not permanent. It may be an incident. It passes like anything else in our life. It’s is not pervasive. It is not going to invade into any of your activities. Do not personalize fear. It too will pass. Fear does not belong to you. Everything in life is transitory. Only this moment is important. Everything else passes like air. “I am not afraid of anything”, “I am unique”, “I am unrepeatable”. These are some phrases which you got to repeat again and again until you feel energized. The imagination, words and phrases transform you, changes fear into self-confidence, freedom and love. Fear is lack of love, fear is lack of confidence.Listen to all your strengths. How efficiently you are able to fill the lungs. Feel the strength of your diaphragm, moving down and up with every inhalation and exhalation. Recognize your power to hold the breath between inhalation and exhalation. Salute your strengths. Our goal in mediation is to bring the mind, the wandering monkey, back to you. The moment you close your eyes, there is a high possibility that your mind may wander. Like a monkey jumping form one branch of tree to another, our mind wanders from one thought to another. If that happens, try to bring the mind back to you by focusing on your breath, listening to the music of your breath, the movement of all muscles working in your body, the movement of your chest and the movement of your abdomen. Focus on your breath. Go away from your rational mind; go away from the thinking mind. Thinking mind doesn't help meditation. It either worries about the past or the future, or over-analyze the present taking us away from the moment. Focus on your breath. Now, fifty percent of the time the mind is with you and fifty percent away from you. Now I want to give you another tool to focus on, a mantra. A mantra is an easily reproducible sound like mom, Jesus, om…Chant the mantra in your mind. Now you have two things to focus on – your breath and the mantra. Your mind is with you sixty six percent of the time. If you still have the trouble to focus, imagine a green light shining on your heart. The green light of love, compassion, service, peace and joy residing in you. Now you have three things to focus on – your breath, the mantra and the light shining on your heart. If you are not able to recognize the green light, bring into your mind the consequences of that green light. The love in you.The effect of you being loved by your friend, your parents and your siblings. Bring into your mind the services you receive. The service of your body, the clarity of your mind, purity of your soul, the services rendered by everybody around you. The smile you got this morning from that stranger in the street. The warm hello by your colleague. Have gratitude for love, compassion, service, peace and joy around you. Once you feel the mind is with you, try to release the focus one by one. It is possible, the moment you start release the focus, the mind might wander. That’s alright. There is always that fight between you and your mind. The goal of meditation is to win that fight, which you will because you have the immense power in you. The goal of meditation is to prevent the deviation of mind. In silence, and in complete rest you may be able to connect with the divine power. In silence the power of divinity will flow into you, the divine power will speak with you. Be in the silence of gratitude, positive affirmation and mindfulness. Be filled with the divine light of abundance and vitality. Relax. Now you are coming out of the meditation. Keep your eyes closed. Feel the movement of your chest, your abdomen. Feel the movement of the air. Exaggerate every movement. Gently wiggle your finger and toes. Whisper gently…I am thankful for this beautiful day. I am grateful for that all-pervading love. Have an attitude of gratitude, joy, of being loved and respected. Send that love, peace and joy to people who hated you, people who hurt you, and people who misunderstood you. Bless them and send peace vibrations to them. The more peace vibrations you send to them, nobody can hurt you back, nobody can frighten you back, and nobody can be an enemy to you. This courage and peace not only keep us in silent prayer but also gives us the courage to go out into unknown areas beyond our boundaries to new creative ways to serve yourself and everybody around you. Gently open your eyes with a smile on your face. Thank you for listening and have a beautiful day.

Why do we need to mitigate fear?

At some point in our lives, we all go through a period where anxiety and fear overwhelm us. Whatever the origin of that emotion, the result is lack of focus, increased anxiety and collateral damages to the mind, body and soul. In times of high stress, worry or uncertainty, our thoughts play an important role. Each thought carries with it a vibration. Fear, anxiety and worry fall on the lower vibration spectrum which is why they result in a negative discord and what we experience as negative emotions. But we are not our thoughts; we are not our emotions, we are simply the observer, your thoughts are a response to the external environment around you, and your emotions are a response to those thoughts. As the observer you get to decide what these thoughts and emotions mean to you, how you will react, if you will choose fear or if you will chose to love.Every moment of every day is an opportunity to return to love. If we realize the benevolence of divine love and recognize the presence of that vital divinity in us, the dark clouds of fear will disappear. Our thoughts are something we can shift and our reactions are something we can shift. It’s our responsibility to fulfill that love and live life to its fullest.

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