food Lots of people have been wandering the face of the earth sans food, clothing and housing. The most important problem in the world is the shortage of food. In this matter, we are obligated to do our utmost to help. Plenty of people around us have been struggling without proper nourishment. In the hustle and bustle of daily living, we should not ignore the magnitude of this phenomenon.
In the gospels we come across a huge crowd that descended the mountain after the Sermon there. When he noticed how emaciated they had become for lack of food, the Guru questioned them: “What have you got to feed these people with?” A little boy, answering this question, raised his five loaves of bread and handed it to Jesus. It marked the start of a great miracle. The scripture says the entire crowd, including five thousand men, ate and was satisfied.
As a synonym of love, bread should always be available on this earth. Food is the most basic requirement for the sustenance of life. As human beings, our fundamental responsibility is to ensure that all around us and everywhere else no one is allowed to starve for want of food. We do not have the resources to satisfy the world’s hunger in its totality.
However, when we contribute our share to relieve the misery of our fellowmen, like the widow’s mite, we will be fulfilling the command of the Lord: “What you do to the least of my brethren, you are doing it unto me” (Mt 25:40).
It is thanks to the generosity of thousands of men and women all around the world that WPM’s “Five Loaves” has been able to carry on in different countries. When people of goodwill come together in this enterprise, Five Loaves will be able to solve the problem of hunger to a great extent. You may contribute what you can to WPM’s Five Loaves project. Should you feel inspired to contribute, please get in touch.

Food and Education - Action

Contribute a certain percentage of your monthly salary/income 

Organize charity food stalls in your area and contribute the profit accruing from such work
Reduce celebrations of birthdays, memorial days, wedding anniversaries and similar celebrations and what is saved on such occasions can be contributed to “Five Loaves of Bread”
Farmers can contribute the tithe from their harvests.
Share in Five Loaves program by praying for its success.
However little you can spare, give it generously, and you will be rewarded (Lk 6:38)
The best way to interpret God’s mercy and love toward us is by feeding the hungry. WPM’s Five Loaves is a channel for such thanksgiving


waterLots of people around us lead lives of frustration and loneliness, cut off from society. Others have people around them but still experience loneliness. Loneliness is the greatest sorrow in life. People need to speak, to know, to hear, to laugh, and above all, to hear a good word of cheer from others. What is the meaning of life if there is no one to love us, nothing to look forward to, no place to do things the way we want? If these things are amiss, life becomes meaningless.
“I was thirsty, you gave me to drink” (Mt 25:35) should be matter for daily meditation. To visit the houses of people who lead lonely lives in their sunset years, to talk to them face to face, to watch and to do little acts of kindness for them, is an answer to the final questions on the Last Judgment Day. It is a heavenly ministry. Among such people, very many are incapacitated by physical disabilities.
Let us make it a point to visit the residences of people living in solitude and do our bit to help them in whatever way possible, and share our lives with theirs, thus becoming channels of God’s mercy. Let us start lessons of love.
Visit the houses of people who spend their old age in loneliness, and talk to them about subjects that interest them, and thus help them overcome the boredom of living without anyone to talk to in daily life.

Love And Concern - Action

Help them do their daily purchases.
Whenever they have appointments to meet doctors, arrange transport for them.
As far as their health permits, help them to participate in entertainment programs and in community get-togethers.
Provide personal care, eg, to get out of bed, showering, dressing, medication management. Household chores: eg, house cleaning, preparing meals, etc.
Carer support: provide help to those you live with and/or look after for four hours or more each day.
Arrange equipment to ensure safety at home.
Needs assessment service coordination.
Become a volunteer in hospitals to help patients. Assist at times of meals, and provide all help, big and little, as and when required.
Become associated with major charity projects of a country and engage in manifold ministries.

The Stranger

foodWe are duty-bound to work for the uplift of refugees, destitute, outcasts and the penniless poor. We should be able to identify the causes of their misery, to hold them close, to console them and to serve as guides on their path. In the Old Testament, when three strangers arrived at the outer gate of Abraham’s residence, he bowed low before them. The Bible says he offered them cordial hospitality. Abraham’s hospitality is a model lesson for us to treat strangers with respect and to offer them welcome. He arranged a banquet for them. Abraham looked on those strangers as veritable apparitions of God.
My neighbour is not a stranger. He is indeed part and parcel of my existence itself. That no one should be belittled, however humble in appearance, is the insight implied in Abraham’s story. It often happens that we are tempted to look on and receive with respect those who seem to luxuriate in lucre. We tend to worship charming, pretty people. Our respect is often reserved for those in authority. On the other hand, we tend to despise the man on the street who apparently has nothing to offer us.
It was this attitude that Jesus tried to rectify among his followers. As the ocean of love, Jesus held close to his heart tax-collectors, sinners and prostitutes, and took special care not to despise them but to reclaim them as his friends. This attitude of compassion he highlighted as one of the blessings on the Last Judgment Day. “I was a stranger and you welcomed me.” Whatever his social image, the one who stays close to us is an image of God, and based on this understanding, we should respect and help him/her.
Every cloud need not come down as shower. Every ache needn’t pour out as tears. What God expects of us is to identify others’ silent sorrows and enable them to face the suffering with a helping hand.

The Stranger -Action

Develop the skills of refugees; help them identify opportunities to help themselves; encourage self-help projects; show them all possible ways to start new projects in order to raise their standard of living - all this with empathy and compassion.
Provide all guidelines and directions to promote education in the refugee communities and make all infrastructure necessary for it.
Special attention should be devoted to the care of the elderly among the refugees and provide emergency aid to promote their good health.
Organize motivational classes to encourage the growth of health, education, social and financial management among the refugees. The focus should be on promoting self-reliance by confronting all challenges of daily living.
Start a national-level helpline to deal with all eventualities confronting the refugees at any time.


foodOn the one hand, we see rich people who make every occasion an opportunity to celebrate and luxuriate in life; on the other, plenty of people are seen without the wherewithal to purchase necessary clothing. If only we decide to set apart a tithe of our time and resources, we can find the means to help them. Most people buy new clothes and discard their old ones. As youngsters advance in years, they need to buy clothes to suit their size. As a result, they are forced to discard a lot of their stock in clothing. Some people buy new clothes in keeping with the latest trends and discard their old dresses.
Woollen clothes and blankets kept unused for a long time can be collected along with the excess left aside by well-to-do folks and given to those in need. This is an act of charity that can be easily done by anyone. We can manage to find the time to engage in this ministry in our own circumstances and neighbourhood.
“I was naked, and you clothed me.” Heaven values this service as an act of charity worth rewarding with eternal life. “I was naked. You clothed me.” This scriptural text has another level of meaning as well. It implies respect for others’ privacy. For one reason or another, everyone on this earth has had a lapse of some sort. When someone falters and falls, if everyone around tramples on him/her, that is not divine justice. God’s justice demands that we should help him rise to his feet, correct his mistakes and prepare the way for his reconciliation with God. This was the attitude Jesus displayed to the woman caught in the act of adultery.
“I too do not condemn you. Do not sin anymore.” Jesus guides the sinful woman to the shores of self-discovery and sanctity. We should not hasten to cross-examine and judge others. Instead, our effort should be directed to redeem others. Let us undertake projects aimed at others’ redemption.


Charity clothing pickup: Provide bags to each household in every county every month to collect used and discarded clothes which can be used by the poor. Inform the houses in advance the date of the proposed collection.After collecting the clothes, sort them and hand over to local volunteers for distribution. Alternatively, send to other countries through containers or postal services.
Clothes for charity: Collect the data of people who are willing to either provide new clothes or money for such stuff on the occasion of school opening, other celebrations, memorial days of forefathers, children’s victory days, birthdays, wedding anniversaries, etc. and remind them of their commitment to help clothe the inmates of orphanages and old age homes, boys and girlstowns and rural areas.
Back to life: For various reasons, some people get caught by law enforcement agencies and spend some time/years in custody. On their release from confinement, they need to be led back to mainstream life in society and to the light of goodness by volunteers who must engage in such efforts with purity of intention.


foodLife is a gift from God. One must know how to see the nursing vocation as a call to serve the sick through every moment, every breath, by staying close to the Lord, and patiently ministering to them. This way, through the testimony of one’s life and patiently ministering to them, one can lead them to the light of divinity and to the experience of healing. One should not feel despondent or dispirited through the repetitive nature of one’s work; rather, look on it as a chance to display God’s compassionate nature.
People who are physically and emotionally worn-out due to chronic illnesses and feel helpless and hopeless need the care and compassionate love of Jesus shown through the committed service of the nursing personnel. This ministry can witness to transformation into total healing, filled with hope for the future and positive energy for daily living, of the patients under their care. Thus, it is possible to transform the nursing ministry into channels of divine blessings.
Nurses are the guardian angels who stay by their patients with care and compassion and provide consolation and relief and serve as life models for others. Their presence is like the deluge that engulfs a desert region after a long spell of dry weather, like the light that shines at the other end of a long, dark tunnel, and like a lungful of fresh air to someone suffocating for want of life-sustaining oxygen.

Angels of Mercy - Action

Long-term care management plan for chronically ill, bed-ridden patients Provide ante-natal and post-partum care
Cancer screening Counselling for tobacco & smoking cessation
Supply medicines such as vitamins for pregnant women
Guide to vaccinating children
Home visits along with counselling
Supply milk for emaciated children and mothers
Financial support Pro-Life ministry
Mobile clinic HIV/AIDS awareness program
Adolescent pregnancy Primary & prevention services
Physiotherapy services
Dental care services Medical awareness classes for school- and college-going students
National helpline Voluntary services in hospitals


foodOur spirituality gains depth and grandeur when we go to accompany the wounded and the wounding alike on whom God’s mercy rains down like a huge downpour excluding no one. We need to help rehabilitate people who have spent time in jails and jail-like situations for various reasons.<br>
In moments of weakness, people commit crimes of cruelty without a forethought. Such people as also those sent to jail terms should be seen as ‘one of the little ones’ and treated with compassion. They deserve our consideration, care and compassionate treatment; let us participate in the ministry of redemption to them. If we do not forgive our brethren, what is this life for them on this earth? Who on earth hasn’t committed mistakes and sins, both big and small?
When we visit them in their cells and teach them lessons of humane treatment and compassionate words, they begin to experience redemption and conversion. Treat them and their partners, parents and children with humanitarian consideration. Help them in every way possible. God wishes that we should extend to them whatever help is available for their rehabilitation on return from prison.
Similarly, some people, through stubbornness and obstinacy, refuse to live in peace with their folks at home, and suffer loneliness like in a prison. They are lonely and suffer in silence their personal, death-like sorrows. There are others who, for the sake of the family’s fair name, hide a lot of secrets and live secret lives away from the glare of society.
It is a heavenly mission to lead such people through spiritual and psychological counselling to the realities of daily living and show them the way to lead holistic lives in the company of their dear and near ones. It is a sign of the Book of Life.

Redemption - Action

Members of World Peace Mission should visit jails and lead the jailbirds out into the limelight of life through moral lessons provided by their ministries. Distribute good books that contain inspirational messages for reading during their leisure hours in the jail. <br>
On important festive occasions, arrange cultural events and sports for their entertainment and to relieve the tension in their souls. On such days, arrange for special meals for them and sit with them to share in it.
As far as possible, help with the expenses for daily living and educational needs of those in jails, their partners and children.
Explore all avenues to help find gainful employment for those returning from jail on completion of their sentences. This will enable them to lead righteous lives in the future.
It should be possible to train jail-returnees to resume peaceful living in society through World Peace Mission’s family counselling, counselling for children, family motivational seminars, empowering women and similar programs and ministries to overcome the tussles and hardships of family living and psychological tension.

 World Peace Mission

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To share our love, peace, compassion and friendship with people all around us irrespective of their origin and admitting everyone into our fellowship without prejudices or judgment, and with sincerity and faithfulness.  


 “On earth as it is in heaven” – humanity is one family; live and let live without walls separating people.

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