Students often face strains and frustrations due to one or more reasons such as failing to reach parental expectations, lack of emotional and financial support from the family, peer pressure, lack of guidance, lack of spiritual empowerment, discrimination, drugs, alcohol, unhealthy relationship and loneliness. Weak faith in God and lack of support result in failure to cope; many students fail to complete their studies; some go into depression resulting in self -harm or even suicide.


To support students by spreading the love of God, motivating when they are demotivated, encouraging them to take part and take responsible roles to build their skill and confidence, build up their faith in God and enable them to face life and its challenges maturely, to discover their talents and offer them for the service of mankind and to take active participation in the entire life of the mission.The ministry considers all aspects of formation of a human person from the point of view of intellectual formation, spiritual formation, human formation (psychological, emotional etc.) and socio-economic formation.

Youth are seen as leaders in positive interethnic relations at the national level.  The ministry also helps young people to discover their talents and offer them for the service of mankind and to take active participation in the entire life of the mission.


 World Peace Youth

Youth apostles for peace is a team of young people all over the world.It is the youth wing, charged with the responsibility of giving an integral peace formation to all young people in  areas and institutions so that they can become faithful leaders of the organisation, WPM today and tomorrow.

Community youths  lead conflicts prevention efforts. The Youth Leadership for Peace program promotes a culture of peace and respect for ethnic diversity in the community. Youth apostles for Peace train youth and adults to form peer mediation groups and foster dialogue in their schools among students of different ethnic and religious backgrounds. Youth apostles for peace train youth and adults to organise Peace promise programme in schools, such as inspirational dramas, & music. The interethnic and inter-regional Youth Leadership for Peace Theatre will perform  major  events in the area, bringing attention to youth cooperation and the role that youth can play in conflict prevention at the national level. The Troupe meet at a summer rehearsal retreat and develop two forum theatre performances centred on issues of labour migration, youth alcohol, drug abuse, and predatory informal money lending.

 Composition of Youth Apostolate Commission

 It is composed of the youth chaplain, a religious, catechist and some lay faithful. These are appointed or elected. The elected men and women should be  permanent residents in the communities concerned, should be mature individuals in faith, able to understand young people and stand for them in the adult community. They should all be interested in their growth processes, activities and realise that they are the Church of today and tomorrow. In addition, two youth councillors, a male and a female, together with two representatives from all youth groups.