• Awareness on Ill effects of Alcoholism and drug abuse
  • Prevention programmes
  • Family oriented programmes
  • Skill training for children
  • Multi-dimensional family therapy
  • Intervention through screening
  • Bio-pharmacological, Psycho-social, spiritual treatment
  • Continuing care through 12 steps programme, A.A., Al-anon, al-ateen, follow-up
  • Spiritual conversion with couples retreat



A disaster is a situation that develops unexpectedly and is beyond the management of a single individual. Its occurrence is highly traumatic for the individual and society at large. It calls for herculean efforts to establish normalcy.



  • Flood relief
  • Psycho-social rehabilitation
  • Supply of food
  • Screening for water-borne/air-borne diseases
  • Education on personal hygiene
  • Information on epidemics
  • Treatment for epidemics
  • Support for housing and provision of home utensils
  • Rehabilitation of victims on a war footing

  • Five loaves of bread.
  • Engage in fund-raising projects.
  • Conduct food stalls at all community events and festivals.
  • Perform arts/sports for charity collection.
  • Perform street plays.
  • Set up charity boxes.
  • Personal contribution.
  • Collect used clothes for the poor and refugees.
  • WPM initiative – donating for a child on your birthday.
  • Fund-raising activities such as cycling, hiking, running



The fund raised is utilized for the betterment of people who are in real need in the peace community with the approval of the executive committee.





  • Education for cancer prevention
  • Cancer detection camps
  • Cancer treatment
  • Home care for patients
  • Drugless and palliative care for cancer patients
  • Support groups for cancer patients
  • Strengthening care-givers
  • Counseling,  grief therapy, emotional regulation, self-esteem building
  • Help for prostheses

A 20-minute-long meditation on peace on a daily basis will help release mental stress, and create balance of body, mind and soul.


Step 1: Find a quiet place for meditation, far away from all distractions. Take deep breaths for five minutes and breathe out gradually, all the while concentrating on your breathing. Attend to your abdominal movements intensely.


Step 2: With each breath, you realize cool air being inhaled and warm air being exhaled. Now your silence becomes intense and you become one with the silence within you and all around you.


Step 3: Hark to the sounds around you, near and far off.


Step 4: Utter a mantra with each breath exhaled, eg, ‘Mara Natha’. Let the mantra flow rhythmically with your breath.


Step 5: If music is being played in the background, become one with it. Do not analyze its lyrics or tune but allow it to penetrate your soul and stay there.


Step 6: Create a mental picture of your God or your beloved one. There is no need to ask for forgiveness for any favour. Commune with the Divine within and around you. You become one with the Divine, and there is no distinction between you and the divinity. It is advaita of a sort, inseparable from the godhead.


This realization will help you visualize the world around you in a new light. The realities of the mundane world will cease to trouble you. You will experience a sense of liberation from the stresses and strains of daily living with its conflicts and hardships, its past failures and future uncertainties. Actually, it is a moment of bliss…


The world stands in need of peace. Families and school children need to experience peace and to become mediators of peace through the practice of meditation.



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Let us join hands and forge ahead with our programmes for World Peace Mission. The ideal is to work for projects ‘on earth as it is in heaven’. We should notice the spark of divinity in everything and everyone and treat it with due respect and reverence. Feed the hungry, provide drink for the thirsty,  welcome the outsider, protect the privacy of the naked, provide nursing care for the sick and the dying, mark each life on earth and work sincerely for this aim, and to teach it and to inspire others to do the same. World Peace Mission is the stage for this enterprise.




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