''Go out to the whole world and proclaim 

the good news to all creation.''

(Mark 16:15)



 We are living in a period of revolutionary changes in communication, the way we live, the way we work, and the way our societies operate.  And these new developments are changing our patterns of thought, behaviour and lifestyle. WPM aims to make connections with people wherever they are, to sympathise with them, to meet their spiritual needs, and to nourish their faith. By our words and actions, we encourage those who are poor in their spiritual, economic, or social lives to look to God for peace and health and to become part of the believing community.



How can we help to build stronger relationships with millions of people together to promote peace?

How can we express ourselves and share our experiences?

How can we increase the effectiveness of our work in teaching, understanding and sanctifying?

How can we provide solid news and information about our mission, especially the value and meaning of life?

 How can we listen to what people are talking about, their desires, doubts and hopes?

How can we reflect on the message of the gospel, which is nothing but the message of God's mercy?

Finally, how can our media be a powerful tool to mobilise people to achieve peace, so that it can harness this power for a better and safer world?

Film Festival

WPM arranges film festivals to promote peace. Our main mission is to participate in making a more peaceful and better world through good films so people can aspire for a higher quality of life. It helps to maintain intercultural relationships for better acceptance and deeper understanding of people and the diversity of life.