A division of World Peace Mission


We live in communities which include people of diverse religious and cultural backgrounds, with exotic belief systems and ethical practices.

Ideally, the basis of all religions is to love one another, and being honest and kind to fellow beings; however, pretty much all societies in the history of the world have nurtured unequal divisions based on factors such as gender, race and class, establishing, in the process, unequal societies. Religion has been implicated in all sorts of conflicts and violence throughout human history.


By implementing Inter-faith Mission, WPM aims to take initiatives to bring about harmony among different faith communities, promoting equality, understanding the richness of different faiths and welcoming diversity in the community, thereby developing mutual respect between different faith systems. WPM is obliged to respect all religions and is committed to supporting and encouraging interfaith initiatives; understanding and cooperation between people of different faiths; helping to create opportunities for mutual learning.