We have a great responsibility to protect nature and its resources for  future generations!



The modern world forgets humans’ interconnection with nature.

We destroy and ignore the natural world. The Earth tries to protect and reverse the damage done by us for free, but we human beings continue to damage, resulting in global warming, a threat for the entire world, resulting in ecological shock, risking its sustainability. Climate change happens as a result of human activity.



 We have afflicted the earth by our irresponsible use, and abused her goods which God has endowed her with. We ourselves are dust of the earth (cf. Gen 2:7). We have been created with the elements of the earth, we breathe her air and we receive life and refreshment from her waters. 

The world wakes up looking at the Sun, which gives light to the world. 

WPM acknowledges the negative impact of global warming, affecting  mankind and taking the responsibility to save the earth as a humanitarian initiative, willing to take initiative towards building a new world which is sustainable by promoting all measures to prevent global warming. Our aim is to encourage and promote  natural power from the sun ,water and wind to generate energy, educate people to follow the measures to save the planet and  to avoid the harmful habits and practices directly and indirectly affecting global warming.We are dedicated to work together, bring our talents and involvement together to fix the damage and prevent further damage to save the earth for future generations.




 WPM in association with the UN billion tree campaign focusses

on educating school children,university students and every 

community in developing their interest in planting, and sustaining 

trees.Every peace community should take initiative, implementing 

this idea in practice.This could be achieved by conducting 

campaigns, seminars, organising WPM green world awareness day;

by taking group initiatives such as Planting 1 tree by 1 person and taking responsibility to look after that tree.


Group initiative to make a clean community by cleaning an area.

Find a way of recycling  waste/avoiding using car for a day. 

Encouraging individual organic farming/

WPM save water awareness day.


 Educate, encourage and motivate every individual in the peace 

 community to take initiative to implement the following steps:

    Keep the eco system undisturbed;

    Keep water clean/Discouraging deforestation/

Keeping animals/

   Live as a part of the environment.

    Sustain ponds/rivers/ocean. Do not contaminate.

   Promote growing plants.


  Save Water


•Keep water clean/Avoid wastage of water/

        keep rivers clean and undisturbed.

•Minimise water use/prevent water pollution.