Our spirituality gains depth and grandeur when we go to accompany the wounded and the wounding alike on whom God’s mercy rains down like a huge downpour excluding no one. We need to help rehabilitate people who have spent time in jails and jail-like situations for various reasons. 

In moments of weakness, people commit crimes of cruelty without a forethought. Such people as also those sent to jail terms should be seen as ‘one of the little ones’ and treated with compassion. They deserve our consideration, care and compassionate treatment; let us participate in the ministry of redemption to them. If we do not forgive our brethren, what is this life for them on this earth? Who on earth hasn’t committed mistakes and sins, both big and small? 

When we visit them in their cells and teach them lessons of humane treatment and compassionate words, they begin to experience redemption and conversion. Treat them and their partners, parents and children with humanitarian consideration. Help them in every way possible. God wishes that we should extend to them whatever help is available for their rehabilitation on return from prison.

Similarly, some people, through stubbornness and obstinacy, refuse to live in peace with their folks at home, and suffer loneliness like in a prison. They are lonely and suffer in silence their personal, death-like sorrows. There are others who, for the sake of the family’s fair name, hide a lot of secrets and live secret lives away from the glare of society. 

It is a heavenly mission to lead such people through spiritual and psychological counselling to the realities of daily living and show them the way to lead holistic lives in the company of their dear and near ones. It is a sign of the Book of Life.

action- 6

• Members of World Peace Mission should visit jails and lead the jailbirds out into the limelight of life through moral lessons provided by their ministries.

• Distribute good books that contain inspirational messages for reading during their leisure hours in the jail.

• On important festive occasions, arrange cultural events and sports for their entertainment and to relieve the tension in their souls. On such days, arrange for special meals for them and sit with them to share in it.

• Distribute clothes and sanitary stuff for daily use.

• As far as possible, help with the expenses for daily living and educational needs of those in jails, their partners and children.

• Explore all avenues to help find gainful employment for those returning from jail on completion of their sentences. This will enable them to lead righteous lives in the future.

• It should be possible to train jail-returnees to resume peaceful living in society through World Peace Mission’s family counselling, counselling for children, family motivational seminars, empowering women and similar programs and ministries to overcome the tussles and hardships of family living and psychological tension.

• Those who need to contact for counselling can be helped through the national helpline of World Peace Mission.

• Ensure that all these ministries are carried out in compliance with the rules and regulations prevalent in each country.


We are

Let us join hands and forge ahead with our programmes for World Peace Mission. The ideal is to work for projects ‘on earth as it is in heaven’. We should notice the spark of divinity in everything and everyone and treat it with due respect and reverence. Feed the hungry, provide drink for the thirsty,  welcome the outsider, protect the privacy of the naked, provide nursing care for the sick and the dying, mark each life on earth and work sincerely for this aim, and to teach it and to inspire others to do the same. World Peace Mission is the stage for this enterprise.


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Prime Service

  Five Loaves
People who starve without a morsel of food even once a day are provided with food packets daily/weekly through the peace communities of WPM which prepare  food for free distribution among such people.                     
  Family Counselling 
Spiritual sharing and counselling will be provided to everyone in need by qualified and experienced counselling specialists, if it can be arranged face to face or by telephone. This will be arranged through leaders of the peace community.

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