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World Peace Mission took shape as an international association in the Catholic Church that strives to evangelize, to establish peace in the world and to achieve the sanctification of families. It had its origin in the State of Kerala in India. Soon it took deep roots all over India, and in course of time, its branches spread out into the international arena and began ministries for the attainment of its initial goals. Today World Peace Mission has been on a trajectory of growth and engaged in promoting peace in 33 countries worldwide. 

I. Mission: To share our love, peace, compassion and friendship with people all around us irrespective of their originand admitting everyone into our fellowship without prejudices or judgment, and with sincerity and faithfulness.


II. Vision: “On earth as it is in heaven” – humanity is but one family; live and let live without walls separating people.


III. CharismPeace in the world is an eternal message that remains relevant till the last day. We should imbibe the inner import of the prayer ‘on earth as it is in heaven’. Keep in mind the realisation that every human being on this earth is a neighbour who deserves our consideration at every turn because they need it. God has willed how and where we should belong to which Church. Let us remain faithful to that Church and worship God Almighty while remaining faithful to the creed of that group. Our duty it is to respect, love and show compassion to all men and women without any distinction of caste and creed, colour and race so that our lives are formed fit to provide the right answer to the final question on the last judgment day. Life is a total gift of God bounded by birth and death. World Peace Mission aims to prepare people to lead the lives of the Good Samaritan in the Bible.


IV. Hallmark: This association serves as a link bringing together people in all walks of life in love and peace. The association’s leaders readily conform to humanitarian requirements and promote equity and justice among people. Its administrative and ministerial setup, style of functioning, missionary ventures and all other works are marked by genuine commitment and conviction for the promotion of peace.


“Peace be with you,” and “I have come to fulfil your peace” are biblical messages that motivate the ministries of WPM to provide services that promote peace in these turbulent times we live in. It recognises that Jesus’ attitudes, character and mentality are the antidote to contemporary disruptions in society; it proclaims this reality aloud.




Lord we pray for the power to be gentle

The strength to be forgiving

The patience to be understanding;

And the endurance to accept the consequences

Of holding to what we believe to be right,

May we put our trust in the power of good

To overcome evil and the power of

Love to overcome hatred.

We pray for the vision to see and the faith

To believe in a world emancipated from violence,

A new world where fear shall no longer lead people

To commit injustice,

Nor selfishness to bring suffering to others,

Help us to devote our whole life and thought

And energy to the task of making peace,

Praying always for the inspiration and power

To fulfil the destiny for 

Which we and all people were created.


VI. WPM Ministries


1. Family Mission 
2. Inter Religious Mission 
3. Compassionate care & Cancer care support 
4. Art of Peace - Meditation 
5. Green World Mission 
6. World Peace Academy 
7. World Peace Youth 
8. Charity Mission 
9. Social Justice 
10. Peace garden & Peace Village 
11. Media Mission 
12. Medical Mission 
13. Empowering Women 
14. International Prayer line 
15. Abolish nuclear weapons and nuclear plants 
16. Tribal Mission 
17. Disaster Relief 
18. Socio - Cultural Mission 
19. Prevention of Alcoholism and substance (Drug) Abuse 
20. Music Message
VII. World Peace is guided by Ten Commandments. These are:  


1. Imbibe the message of One Heart One World and strive for strengthening and reinforcing the conviction that love and humanity beyond all considerations of caste, creed, colour and language are supreme values in life.
2. Stay loyal to one’s religious affiliation and at the same time hold in high esteem other religious beliefs and practices.
3. Live life to the full, at the same time not allowing environment, community, party politics, revolution, religion, sects etc to create barriers to the reign of peace.
4. Every religious scripture contains the fundamental message of hope, humanitarianism and compassion for fellow-beings. Fight every fissiparous tendency that opposes the basic insight by instigating fundamentalism, terrorism and strife through love, self-control and ways of peace. At the same time, maintain eternal vigilance against evil forces.
5. Oppose all encroachments and experiments on the environment. Make common cause for an unpolluted atmosphere and toxic-free earth.
6. Ensure the protection of the basic rights of women and children.
7. Recognise that acts of charity are more valuable than mere words of compassion to the poor who stand before you with outstretched arms.
8. Be aware of the dangers of booze and drugs. Stay deliberately out of the vicious tendencies and influences that lie in wait under the guise of the internet and other media channels.
9. Lend your energies for the creation of a corruption-free society. Recognise terrorist tendencies, sexual immorality and the media’s hidden agendas that promote the present-day consumerist culture.
10. Practice a life of exemplary virtue that can prove inspirational to others. Form a common front for the promotion of a borderless kingdom of love and peace.




I love my world. I shall strive to realise the aim of identifying our common humanity, promoting love, and the unity of all nations which shall stay united in peace and forge ahead as a community of all men and women. I shall sincerely participatein the effort to totally eradicate racism, racial discrimination, ethnic divisions and religious fundamentalism from the minds of people, and to promote social justice and self-discipline. I shall also cooperate in the responsibility to spread this message across the world. I hereby pledge to do my utmost to make everyone realise that the earth is the common heritage of all people everywhere and that they should work hand in hand to uphold a classless and casteless society where fraternal love shall reign supreme.


IX. Spirituality


• Spirituality is an essential component of the daily lives of members. They have to make time for personal prayer along with prayers for World Peace Mission. This is the means to stay close to God and to positively interact with life’s issues.
• Members shall participate in the community prayers of World Peace Mission every day so as to broaden love and inner freedom. This will be known as ‘World Peace Prayer’.
• The basis of the Association’s spirituality is faith in Jesus Christ, the final word of the Eternal Father. Members must display their commitment to the Divinity through their daily reading and meditation on the word of God.
• Members must strive to perfect their communion with Jesus through the sacraments. They are expected to bring about reconciliation through active participation in the sacraments. 
• Comradeship: As a reflection of the Trinity, members should maintain mutual cooperation, encouragement, healing words, and morality. This is to be achieved through cell groups and friendship circles.
• Evangelisation: Recognising that Jesus is the most precious gift of God, members must share his life and message with others. Working as instruments of the Holy Spirit, they shall strive to perfect world peace through their undertakings in the normal circumstances of daily life. This pleasant mentality should inform all activities of every member of WPM.
• Clemency for the poor: See the persecuted Christ in the poor. We should be able to extend to them in their poverty our arms of love and sense of equality.


X. Membership


• World Peace Mission will have three types of members.


(i) Regular members

These will be the faithful of all walks of life, ie, priests, laity, deacons, seminarians, celibates. They will have passed through the various stages of commitment during formation and covenant confirmation. 


Entry Conditions: 


• Ordinary unmarried people between 18-35 years of age.
• Married people aged between 18-75 years.
• Priests, seminarians and members of Celibrates for the Kingdom.
• People in total conformity with the faith.
• People who have successfully completed the WPM Covenant.




• People in initial contact with WPM should have completed the pre-commitment formation stage and the formation phases of contact and communion phases. They should apply in writing to the Higher Council Coordinator.
• Members in the committed phase are required to renew their pledge annually. This also applies to those in the confirmed phase but only once in three years. Members in the covenant phase do this once in five years.
• Spiritual facet – members’ pledge
• I shall accept and maintain the spiritual outlook of WPM.
• My life will be committed to the Church’s hierarchical authorities.
• I shall cooperate with the Association’s formations.
• I shall participate in the monthly meetings of WPM.
• I shall follow the guidance of a personal counsellor. 
• I shall actively take part in the apostolic ministries of the Association. 
• I shall extend financial support to the extent possible for the administrative expenses and charitable projects of the Association.
• Members wishing to participate in the primary setup of the Association’s regional administration can do so and register their votes.
• All members shall enjoy the right to enquire about the Association’s activities and to analyse them.


(ii) Associate members:

Associate members are those who wish to serve as fellow travellers of WPM but find it inconvenient to accede to all the conditions of the Association (Art 14). In order to become associate members, they too have to pass through an information stage. They will not be eligible to become governing council members. 


Admission conditions


The applicant should be aged above 18 years.

To secure associate membership of the Association, one needs to apply for it to the coordinator of the neighbourhood higher council. On acceptance of the application, one becomes an associate member.


Rights & responsibilities

All members are subject to the following conditions:

• I shall follow the spiritual path of the Association.
• Non-Catholic Christians shall follow the way of life prevalent in their Church or believers’ community.
• I shall exhibit submission to the higher authorities in the hierarchy of the Church.
• I shall accept the Association’s formations on time.
• I shall participate in the apostolic activities of the Association.
• I shall contribute within my financial constraints to the Association’s administrative expenses and to promote its charity projects.
• All associate members have the right to know the latest developments in the Association. 


Honorary Members


The honorary members of the Association are Bishops. They will also serve as its advisors. Following their counsel in matters of faith, the international council will stabilize the honorary members. They will, ipso facto, be invitees to the Association’s international assembly and national assemblies.


For Non-Christians


Non-Christians can join WPM and participate in its projects. For this, they should have completed the formation phase.


Priest members of the Association


• The Association assists families to lead religious lives and to encourage vocations to priesthood and celibacy in God’s ways and to married lives with a sense of responsibility.
• Diocesan seminarians and those who opt for the religious vocation can continue their association with WPM. As long as they continue to function as members of WPM, the Association will keep promoting their spirituality and its vigorous progress. This will be done with the blessings of their superiors or bishops. 


Priests who wish to become members


• They can continue as regular members or associate members. For this, they should have completed the formation with permission from their superior or bishop. 
• They will enjoy all the rights and privileges of other members.
• With a view to helping other members in their spiritual journey, these priests will have opportunities to administer sacraments and to serve as animators and chaplains in councils and teams.


Priests and seminarians for service in the Association:


• If the regular members of the Association who choose the priestly vocation wish to serve as full-time volunteers, they can do so under a written agreement between their bishop and the Association.
• Priests and seminarians who become members of the Association will be appointed for coordination work among other members.


Applicants for Holy Orders


• Member applicants for holy orders will be directed to institutions ofphilosophy and theology like Russiofundamentalis Institutionois Sacerdotalisestablished by the believers’ community to pursue higher studies in such disciplines.
• Bishops and priests in-charge will arrive at some understanding regarding the institutions where each candidate for holy orders, according to Canon Law 235 (C.I.C.), should be sent for spiritual pastoral formation. 
• The priest concerned will decide the kind of formation needed for priests and seminarians in their relations with the Association. 
• Following the instructions of the priest in charge, the bishop will provide guidelines regarding admission to formation for holy orders.

Priests and Deacons

• The priest in charge who coordinates the programs in connection with the choice of priests and seminarians will carry out his duties according to instructions from the international coordinator and council. At this stage, the agreement between the bishop and the Association will also be taken into consideration. 

Withdrawal and denial of membership

• A member can voluntarily leave the Association. To do this, he/she has to submit a written application to the council coordinator immediately above him.
• Membership of WPM can also be withdrawn for any of the reasons given below:
▪ If the community feels the member’s witness value is contrary to the Association’s spiritual character and Christian doctrines.
▪ If the member repeatedly behaves in a way that undermines the law and order situation within the Association. 
▪ If the member indulges in actions that belie the dignity, survival and operations of the Association. 


• Every member shall be offered an opportunity to explain his/her (wrong) behaviour and to evaluate the circumstances that prompted it. If, however, the member persists in doing wrong, with the approval of the national council, the coordinator can expel a member. The appeal, if any, against this expulsion will be considered by the international council. 
• Should a priest wish to leave the Association, he should inform in writing the priest in charge of member priests and seminarians. The decision will be taken after consultation with the international coordinator and the bishop. 
• In the rare cases where a priest has to be dismissed from the Association, the decision will be taken together by the international coordinator, the international council, the priest in charge, the ecclesiastic advisor and the concerned bishop. 
• When a priest either leaves the Association or is expelled, his bishop will determine his future course of action. 
• If a regular member absents himself from regular renewal of his pledge, it will be interpreted as his voluntary withdrawal from the Association. 
• A member who leaves the Association for whatever reason is not eligible for any kind of monetary compensation. Nonetheless, he shall not be denied humanitarian considerations based on evangelical values.


Organisational structure of the Association


Members of World Peace Mission operating within particular geographical areas will meet for prayer sessions in a friendly atmosphere. Cell groups and regular members pray and work for the uplift of the community.


Prayer Meetings


Newcomers will be welcomed to the prayer meetings organised by World Peace Mission. It will serve as an occasion for the member to experience the joy of zealous worship, WPM camaraderie, loving fellowship, the sanctity of the word of God and the quiet that accompanies these.


Cell groups

Cell groups are basic communities. These serve as common platforms for prayer and exchange of ideas among members. They meet once a month.


World Peace Mission Household


This is the basic unit of the Association which may comprise either regular members or associate members. Associate members need not necessarily have membership in the Household. However, this basic council can invite an associate member to its meetings. In these groups, young people, married couples, priests and other believers come together to experience the joy of Christian fellowship and to appreciate the gladness that imbues such meetings. Households meet once every month and keep in touch with the higher council that controls them and with the topmost association.


The Association’s branches are organised in areas controlled by the WPM councils. Either zonal councils or regional councils coordinate the work of local households. Zonalcouncils are managed by regional councils. The latter fall under the control of the national councils. The final authority in all matters rests with the international council.


Zonal council


An area council gets formed within the boundaries of an archdiocese. But where several archdioceses function within a particular region, the operation will be different. The higher council of WPM will take into consideration the number of members in a region to determine the zones in that region. 


• The zonal council takes shape in an area with at least 25 regular members. If sufficient regular members are not forthcoming, an ad hoc zonal team will be formed. This is with a view to forming the association in that area. 
• Diocesan youth team


In areas where dioceses and eparchies meet, an eparchial WPM team may be formed if there are at least 25 members. This will find representation in the immediate higher council or zonal council.


Diocesan team


Either the diocesan World Peace Mission team or the zonalcouncil will keep in touch with the archdiocese through a chaplain. It will be this Ordinary or Eparch that will provide confirmation to the regular members and priest members of the Association. 


Regional Council and National Council


According to CIC 433, a WPM region means a Christian church region in normal parlance. Depending on the WPM members’ numbers, the higher council forms the region. If the Association spreads to many countries overseas, each country will have its own national council. 


Where a region has at least 50 members, a regional council may be formed there. To form a national council, a country must have a minimum of 100 members. 

The World Peace Council in a region must continually provide regular reports to the church centre. This may be done either directly or through an advisor. This advisor should have been appointed by the national council or the international council.


The chaplain of the World Peace Mission will always be a priest. He should also be a member of the Association. He must, besides, be a fellow-traveller with WPM and a helper to the council.


• When members of a council demit office, the newly formed council can choose a new chaplain. In this choice, however, the advice of the former council should be sought.
• The chaplain should maintain cordial relations with church leaders and administer sacraments when the council meets. 
• As an advisor, the chaplain should provide guidance and support to the council and participate in all its meetings. However, he will not enjoy the right to vote.
• The chaplain will have the right to provide spiritual services to the council members. 
• The WPM animator will be a regular member priest or believer or individual. The newly formed council shall choose its animator with the approval of the former council. Membership of the council should not exceed 25 per cent of former members. Although they will take part in council meetings, they can only serve as animators and advisors and therefore provide support and guidance.


Administrative setup of the Association


The Association’s administrative control can be vested either in a single individual or coordinator or assistant coordinator or finance coordinator. The councils and assemblies will serve as advisory team. The councils chosen by local assemblies shall control the administration of the Association at particular times. All regular members shall be members of the primary assemblies of their countries.


Only regular members are qualified to be elected to the governing councils.  No member may be elected to the international council consecutively for more than three times. To all other councils a member may not be elected consecutively for more than two times.


International Assembly


a. Nature of the Association


Membership of the assembly


i. Regular members
ii. Regular members chosen from primary assemblies will have their representation in the national assembly. The number of chosen members will be proportionate to the strength of the members in each country. Delegates chosen from a country should not exceed 30 per cent of the chosen members. 
iii. Members of the international council
iv. Special invitees. Up to 10 per cent of regular members may be invited to the international council. 
v. The total number of delegates to the assembly should not fall below 150 nor exceed 300.
vi. Of the total assembly members, at least 50 per cent should be elected members.
vii. Convening Meetings


The international assembly meets once in three years. This is organised by the international council. Of the total delegates, 50 per cent can consist of ordinary members. 


Responsibilities of the international assembly


• After prayerful preparation choose delegates to the international council.
• Sanction approval to covenant members.
• Provide necessary information for future projects and evaluate them.
• Revise rules and regulations.


International council


Members of international council


Members consist of the international coordinator, assistant coordinator, elected members, chaplain, animators, ex-officio formation director, similarly placed mission director, and priest in charge of the affairs of priests and seminarians. 


The international council shall have members numbering between eight and 12.

Only elected members of the council shall have the right to vote.

Ex-officio members should not exceed 50 per cent of the elected members. 

The term of office of the international council shall be three years. 

The international council shall meet at least twice every year.



• Lead the Association.
• Formulate the mission and vision of the Association.
• Formulate and execute international programs.
• Develop and promote the growth of the Association in new territories.
• Convene international assembly.
• Approve the membership of new members.
• Create an international formation team and choose a formation director.
• Choose an international mission team and its director.
• Formation of continental/sub-continental team.
• Appointment of an executive director at the international office.


Method of choice of the international council


• There will be a discreet team of believers to consider applications submitted to the international council. It will be their responsibility to conduct the election. The team will have an international chaplain, international coordinator and three regular members. None of the candidates should figure in this group. 
• The list of candidates will be scrutinized with the permission of national and international councils.
• Candidates’ scrutiny will be based on their experience, reliability, commitment, administrative acumen, local representation, women’s place etc. 
• The international council will convene the assembly. The new team will be chosen from among the candidates. The assembly will record its opinion through secret ballot. Each council member should have obtained more than half the votes cast. If two votings fail to hit this target, the member scoring the highest votes will win.
• Members chosen to the international council with more than 50 per cent votes will elect coordinators and assistant coordinators. If, after two consecutive attempts, more than 50 per cent votes cannot be secured, it would suffice to win a relative majority.


International coordinator


• The coordinator of WPM international council assumes the leadership of the Association. 
• He will organise and preside over council meetings.
• His operational boundaries will include international cooperation, and the dealings of animators and chaplains with ecclesiastical authorities. 
• Continual communication with the basic communities is a duty of the international coordinator.
• He will represent the Association in society and the Church. 
• The supreme power to execute the decisions of the international council is vested in the international coordinator.
• He will take care of all the property and assets of the Association with the cooperation of the finance coordinator.
• Before executing personal decisions, he shall take into consideration the opinions of the international council with regard to the following:
a) when expenses exceed the budget approved by the council
b) when introducing substantial changes in the current policies and manners of operation
c) when putting into practice new international projects.


To complete the works of the coordinator, the assistant coordinator will be at hand with support.


Following the coordinator’s advice, the assistant coordinator is eligible to carry out such jobs.


• The international finance coordinator should prove helpful to the international coordinator. The international finance coordinator who is not a member of the international council will be appointed by a majority of the council members. The finance coordinator shall work under the guidance of the council.
• The Association’s international council gets its pontifical approval through the bishop who works with WPM.



Chaplain of the international council


When appointing the chaplain of the international council, in order to utilize his services, the international coordinator shall obtain permission from the higher authorities of the Church. This same method should be followed when appointing a priest as animator of the international council.


• The animator of the international council should be either a priest, a believer or a person chosen according to article 35.


International office


There will be an international office to assist the international coordinator to carry out the daily business of the Association. This office will have an executive officer and office staff as helpers.


International formation team


It is this team that prepares the international formation plans of the Association. The international council nominates and appoints the team director and team members. The formation team’s tenure will be subject to review once in three years and to reappoint it or not is the privilege of the international council.


International mission team

• The international mission team coordinates international ministry projects and programs. The international council nominates and appoints the mission team director and members. The coordinator will ipso facto be an ex-officio member of the mission team. The operations of this team are subject to review in three years’ time by the international council which may select a new team if necessary.


World peace continental / sub-continental teams


The international council will appoint local teams on different continents and sub-continents and maintain them in harmony with the national councils. 


National assembly




The following fall within the jurisdiction of the national assembly.


a) Regular members


b) Regular members chosen from among primary assemblies. This will have representation from all regular members. The chosen members from each region will be proportionate to the number of elected members. If a country has more than seven regions, a region should not delegate more than 30 per cent of its members to the assembly. 


Members of national council


Special invitees

Of the regular members of the association, up to 10 per cent are worthy to be invited to the national council.


The assembly delegates number is restricted to between 50 and 200.


Members from the higher council


Of the whole delegates in the assembly, at least 50 per cent should be elected members.




The national council shall convene the national assembly at least once in three years. The quorum will consist of half the total delegates. In extraordinary situations, a national council may convene extraordinary assembly with permission from the international council.


Duties of the international assembly


1. National council election

2. gathering data, evaluation and planning future projects


National council




The national council shall consist of the national coordinator, assistant coordinator, elected members, chaplain, animators, formation director (ex officio), mission director (ex officio) and coordinators of family youth team (ex officio). The number of elected members in the national council shall be between eight and 12. 


• Elected members shall have the right to vote in the council.
• Membership of the council is restricted to three years. 
• The number of ex officio members and elected members should not exceed 50 per cent.
• The national council should meet minimum three times a year.




• Provide leadership for the Association
• Formulate the aims and objectives of the Association
• Plan and execute national programs
• Promote the growth of the Association in regions and mission areas.
• Convene the national assembly
• Evaluate the activities of the members
• Elect the national formation director and team
• Elect the national mission team and national mission director
• Carry out the decisions of the international council


Election method of the national council


The national council shall appoint an evaluation committee to conduct the election and to zero in on the right candidates. In this committee there shall be the national chaplain coordinator, a representative of the international council and two regular members (those outside the candidates list but belonging to the covenant phase preferred).


While deciding on candidates, all regional councils’ approval is to be ensured.


It is the evaluation committee that prepares the list of candidates. Members’ experience, commitment, dedication to the Association, administrative skills, along with regional balance and gender balance will be taken into consideration. The number of candidates should be double or maximum three times the number of likely vacancies.


The national council convenes the assembly. The assembly exhibits its favour through secret ballot according as the evaluation committee completes the process. The candidate who secures more than 50 per cent of votes cast wins the election. Should this not happen even after two attempts, then the person with the maximum votes will be chosen.

New members of the national council choose the coordinator and assistant coordinator. The candidate who secures more than 50 per cent of votes cast wins the election. Should this not happen even after two attempts, then the person with the maximum votes will be chosen.


National coordinator

It is the World Peace national council coordinator who controls the administration in each country. 

The national coordinator convenes meetings and presides over them. He executes the decisions of the council at the international level and directly keeps in touch with members, animator, chaplain and church authorities. He constantly keeps contacts with upper and lower strata of the Association.  It is also his responsibility to promote the fair image of the Association in the community and Church.

The national coordinator puts into practice the decisions of the national council.

Occasions when the national coordinator needs to seek permission from the national council:

• When expenses exceed budgetary allocation.
• When associations change existing policies or activities
• When introducing new national programs

A national assistant coordinator assists the coordinator at all levels. Should the coordinator require the assistant coordinator to substitute for him in his absence, he should readily oblige.

• The national coordinator can count on the help of the council. The finance coordinator is bound to explain his actions to the council.
• The national council will have a reliable advisor, a capable bishop. This bishop will be immensely helpful in maintaining the coordinator’s good relations with the bishops’ conference. On theoretical issues the bishop shall provide the association suitable guidelines. When the national council chooses this bishop, it should seek the approval of the bishops’ conference.
• The Association’s chaplain will be a member of the Association. He will serve as a helper to the national council. The chaplain’s appointment will be in tune with article 34. 
• The animator of the national council will be a regular member of the Association. He will be a priest or a layman. The appointment will follow the directive of article 35.


National formation team


It will be the national team that coordinates the formation plans of the Association in each country and appoints the national formation team members. The national council will assess and appoint the national formation team after examining its performance for three years. The coordinator of the national council will be an ex officio member of the formation team.


Formation base team


The base team is formed in order to make all members participate in the formation program from the lower levels. Following the national formation team’s directives, base teams will organise formation at other levels. 


National mission team


This team coordinates the national missionary projects and programs of the Association. It is the national council that nominates and appoints its director and members. The national coordinator will be an ex officio member of the mission team. The national council decides the tenure of the mission team as three years and renews it.


National youth team


The national youth team is an active component of the world peace national council which coordinates youth activities. Its coordinator will be an ex officio member of the national council.



National family team


The national family team was formed in order to coordinate at the national level family programs of world peace national council. Its coordinator will be an ex officio member of the national council.


Life situation base team


This division was created to promote friendship among students and professionals who work in different fields and to reinforce their cooperation. It pays special attention to the faith formation of children and adolescents. This team works as subordinate functionaries of councils at the national, regional and zonal levels. 


Talent-based teams


This team was formed for the purpose of evangelisation through music, drama and other media. This team also works as subordinate functionaries of councils at the national, regional and zonal levels. 


Regional assembly


Its structure comprises the following divisions:

(1) Regular members
(2) Regular members chosen by primary units. They will have representation in the Association. The number of the chosen members will be proportionate to the number of Association members in each region. If a region has more than seven zones, the number of chosen delegates should not exceed 30 per cent.


Regional Council Members


Special invitees. Ten per cent of regular members may be invited to world peace regional council.


The number of delegates to the assembly will be 25 at the minimum and 150 at the upper limit.


Members of higher council from regions


Elected delegates to the assembly should be at least 50 per cent of its membership. Fifty per cent of the delegates formsthe quorum. 


If the lowest level assembly in a region is the regional assembly, then all regular members will be included in it. In that case, the quorum will consist of 30 per cent of the total membership.


Regional council



The regional council consists of the regional coordinator, assistant coordinator, elected members, chaplain and animator besides family and youth team coordinators (ex officio). The number of elected regional council members will be between six and ten.


• Only elected members can exercise their franchise in the council.
• The tenure of the regional council will be limited to three years.
• The regional council should meet at least four times a year.
• A youth team may be set up if at least 25 unmarried youths aged below 35 years can be found at the regional or zonal levels. 
• A family team may be set up if at least 25 married couples can be found at the regional or zonal levels. 
• The election methods and operational styles at the regional level will be similar to those at the national level.


Zonal Assembly


All regular members of each zone are also members of the zonal assembly. The quorum in the zonal assembly is 30 per cent of the members.


Zonal council



The zonal council consists of a zonal coordinator, assistant coordinator, elected members, chaplain, animator, diocesan team coordinator [if there is one], family team’s ex-officio coordinators and youth team ex-officio coordinators. The number of elected members of the zonal council will vary between six and ten.


• Only elected members enjoy the right to vote.
• The tenure of the council is two years. 
• The zonal council should meet at least once in two months. 
• The style of election, activities and controls of the zonalcouncil are similar to the regional and national level councils.


Administration of assets


Since WPM is a private juridical individual entity, following the directives which govern it and subject to the provisions of canon 325 CIC it is not forbidden to amass assets or to undertake projects.


For the administration of assets, the international coordinator may delegate such responsibility to the national council. However, in all such cases, the provisions of the civil laws of the country must be paid heed to.


According to its convenience, the Association can buy/receive movable and immoveable property and make use of it for its programs.


Within the constraints of the annual budget approved by the international council, with the assistance of the finance coordinator, the international coordinator may take care of the Association’s financial aspects. A detailed finance report of the activities of the Association must be presented for the council’s approval. They should also seek the council’s approbation for all extra-budgetary expenses.


Finance Team


The finance team comprises the council coordinator, finance coordinator and two members who help to ensure that the guidelines detailed by canon law 1280 CIC are followed in toto make up the finance team. 

The world peace councils at the lower level must strictly follow the guidelines of the international council regarding the money they handle for various purposes and submit their financial reports to the higher councils every year.


Contributions and grants

• Every regular member following their agreement with the Association decides on an amount to be contributed according to their income and family circumstances. 
• Taking into consideration its financial status, the Association may raise fund-raising campaigns and welcome grants and public contributions.


Audit at national and international levels


The councils shall appoint a three-member internal audit team. It is the responsibility of this team to audit the Association’s annual accounts.


Dismissal of the Association


It is the international assembly that has the sole right to disband the Association and to end its operations. This should be done after consulting the Pontifical Council. It also requires the assent of ¾ of the members of the international assembly.


In case the decision to disband WPM is taken, with due consideration to the opinion of world peace international and after due consultation with the Pontifical Council, its assets should be handed over to any Roman Catholic church that carries on the work of evangelisation. 


Constitutional reforms


The supreme power to reform its constitutions rests with the international assembly. It is the international council that presents proposals for constitutional reforms to the international assembly. If WPM’s 2/3 members permit the introduction of constitutional reforms, it may be carried out. In this matter, the Pontifical Council too must be approached for approval.




World Peace Mission’s constitutions may be translated into various languages. However, the basic document to be considered in this context will be the constitutions drafted in the English language. 


Prayer song

Our Father...

Hail Mary ...

Glory be ...


Psalm (144-146)


Leader: Sing a song to the Lord. For, He is full of love and compassion.

Community: Sing a song to the Lord. For, He is full of love and compassion.

Leader: Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised; His greatness is unsearchable.

Community: Sing a song to the Lord. For, He is full of love and compassion.

Leader: He heals the broken-hearted, and binds up their wounds.

Community: Sing a song to the Lord. For, He is full of love and compassion.

Leader: He gives to the animals their food, and to the young ravens when they cry.

Community: Sing a song to the Lord. For, He is full of love and compassion.

Leader: He liberates those in bondage, and protects the orphans.

Community: Sing a song to the Lord. For, He is full of love and compassion.

Leader: The Lord upholds those who are falling, and raises up all who are bowed down.

Community: Sing a song to the Lord. For, He is full of love and compassion.

Leader: You open your hand, satisfying the desires of every living thing.

Community: Sing a song to the Lord. For, He is full of love and compassion.

Leader: He fulfils the desire of all who fear him; he also hears their cry, and saves them.

Community: Sing a song to the Lord. For, He is full of love and compassion.


Monthly meeting – agenda


1. Initial remarks (President)
2. Monthly report by the General Secretary (income and expenses – working report)
3. New projects – ministries – suggestions; discussion and decisions on the date and  time for the execution of projects
4. Assessment of programs carried out so far. (felicitate children of members who scored high marks/won praise; greet members who celebrate birthdays/anniversaries)
5. Other items as permitted by the President


Intercessory prayer


1. Lord God, united in prayer, we stand here before you. We firmly trust in your promise that whatever we pray for with deep faith, the same shall we receive in abundance. Whatever you ask in my name, my heavenly Father will grant you. Where two or three are gathered in my name, I will be there in their midst. Trusting in these promises of yours, we your children have assembled here and pray in your holy name. You are powerful enough to grant all our needs. We pray you to accept our prayers and to grant all our requests. We pray to you, Lord.

All: Lord, hear our prayer.


2. Lord, we pray to you to lead us by hand and fill our family life with the spirit of prayer, spiritual convictions and life lessons, and fill all families with the fragrance of your spirit.

All: Lord, hear our prayer.


3. We pray the Lord to lead us along the path of holiness,and to grant us the graces we need to lead holy lives, and to guide us in the conviction that no matter what the circumstances of each one’s life, it is possible to develop spiritually, mentally, physically and intellectually without straying from the path of righteousness; Lord, we need the assurance of faith that despite all unfavourable circumstances, it is possible to overcome them and to lead lives befitting the children of God.

All: Lord, hear our prayer.


4. We pray the Lord to keep in holiness all couples, their children and all their social relations, knowing that all relations not prompted by God will inevitably end in darkness and failure.

All: Lord, hear our prayer.


5. We pray the Lord to enable us to bear witness to the truth that we are not created to lead lives according to the promptings of the flesh but recognise the light of the soul; help us realise that our time on earth is meant to lead exemplary lives according to God’s will.

All: Lord, hear our prayer.


6. Every day we notice how atrocities and terrorismdevelop and flourish. Every nation stands trembling for fear of fundamentalism and extremism of one kind or another. Lord, we stand in need of your peace and protection, and we pray you, Lord, to protect our lives through your compassionate providence, and to bring back to the path of peace all who are bonded to the powers of evil and darkness.

All: Lord, hear our prayer.


7. We pray that you would fill with your mercies all heads of states and religious leaders and different religious communities, and not permit them to develop mutual hatred, superiority feelings and distrust of one another; make them come together under the umbrella of your love and peace, to listen to your voice and to follow your dictates.

All: Lord, hear our prayer.


8. We bring before you, Lord, every one of your children who are afflicted by various ailments, both corporal and spiritual. Like the woman with a haemorrhage who trusted in your power to heal if only she could touch the fringe of your cloak, we too pray with the same trust in your mighty power. We pray that you would visit us as healing, as peace, as redemption, and heal us of all our diseases and afflictions.

All: Lord, hear our prayer.

9. Oh God, our loving Father, we place before you all our personal intentions. Like Moses who raised his arms heavenward and prepared the way of grace, like Abraham, like Isaac, like Jacob, like Job, we raise our hearts and hands to you and offer our personal prayers. [For a moment let us keep silent and pray for all our needs.] We thank you, Lord, for receiving the prayers of all your people and granting their supplications.  Our hearts are filled with your peace and joy. We pray that this God-experience of ours shall be passed on to others as light for their lives.

All: Lord, hear our prayer.


10. Oh God our perpetual succour, you raised us out of nothing and have been providing for all our needs until this moment, we thank you for your providential care. We admire your everlasting providence that keeps us in peace, love, faith and holiness at every moment. Like the Blessed Mother, our hearts too proclaim: “My soul magnifies the Lord, and my spirit rejoices in God my Saviour.” We thank you for filling our dining tables withthe fullness of your goodness. If you are with us, that is enough for us. It alone is sufficient for us, your holy presence, your favour. We are grateful to you, Lord, for this blessed moment when you grant our prayers and make them fruitful. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. 


Prayer of peace


Oh God, make us instruments of your love, peace, compassion, and living signs of your presence among us. Our life is a gratuitous gift from you. Help us to reclaim every single individual without any divisive considerations, neither separations nor prejudices nor groupism, nor racism. Help us to look on our fellowmen with respect, compassion and concern, and to take care of them. We need your spiritual strength and strong will to stand by them in their hour of need. Whatever possess does not belong to me. It is all yours, Lord, your free gift. With this firm conviction, built on the solid rock of faith, we want to function as your monasteriesand churches. Therefore, we wish to travel to the ends of the earth, to the last day of our life, to bear witness to your goodness. Prepare our spirits for this great undertaking in the true spirit of the Gospel. Send us out on your mission of peace. Amen.


Concluding prayer


Lord, lead us along the right path by sending us your cloud cover during the day and your bright fire at night. Lord God of love, conform our thoughts, words and deeds to your plan for our life so that we may lead lives pleasing to you. Stay with us, Lord, through day and night as the cloud and fire that surrounds to protect us. Help us feel safe and secure in your never-failing love. Help us enjoy the security of your protection at all times. We are blessed to be a blessing to others. Amen.

Dear Brothers and Sisters,


May the World Peace Mission serve as an arena where it is possible to welcome and pay homage to this our Mother Earth and every individual on it without comparisons, classifications or prejudices, and with palms linked in prayerful praise to recognize and proclaim that God did not create distinctions based on language, nationality or religion and that all should live as children of the same heavenly Father.


This is to become aware that the grandeur of the Earth consists in its amazing diversity, and to defeat the schemes of some satanic elements which incessantly strive to destroy God’s wish that no species on the face of the Earth should perish, and to enfold all people; it marks the start of a new culture where everyone will be allowed to practise their own belief systemseven as they cling to their own lifestyles.


They will have the breadth of vision to view seriously other nations, cultures and their own unique religious experiences; live as people with extraordinary credibility and who make Truth, Equality, Freedom and Peace the driving force in their lives and lead exemplary lives; provide a philosophy of life motivated by the desire to prevent all hindrances like environment, society, party, revolution, religion and caste frominterfering in the peaceful resurgence of life, and to bear life witness to this ideal; motivate people to realize that eternal vigilance is required to maintain the flame of life that burns bright in the embers of everyday life; to proclaim this message to the entire world; and create a world vision spurred by the ideal of One Heart – One World without divisive boundaries, and to foster the ideals of  World Peace Mission. Let uscombine our efforts to create a world characterized by selfless love and lasting peace.

WPM at a Glance 

The world has always stood in need of healing, goodness, love and compassion. World Peace Mission which hit the scene 25 years ago had been motivated by one aim – “One Heart, One World” and its project was to establish a boundaryless world, and to teach, preach and to enlighten that world. In 2020, World Peace Mission is completing 25 years of service.

World Peace Mission founder and Chairman Sunny Stephen who is a missionary of world peace, human right activist,compassionate ministry and musician all rolled into one has been spearheading the drive to establish the organisation in more than a hundred countries worldwide.


World Peace Mission workers have been engaged in compassionate projects for social uplift with a deep commitment to its ideals, but always within the parameters of local regulations. Today, World Peace Mission has been actively working in such diverse areas as family enrichment program at the grassroot level, drugs and alcohol de-addiction programmes, cancer and palliative care and similar socially useful projects. Moreover, in different parts of the globe, World Peace Mission workers provide food for the hungry millions, and shelter for the homeless simultaneously providing them with food kits. In the tribal belts of several countries, World Peace Mission arranges medical camps under the supervision of specialist doctors who give free medical advice and consultation, free medicines and highly beneficial awareness classes.


World Peace Mission reaches everyone everywhere who stands in need of help such as literacy classes for the illiterate, women empowerment, the provision of additional measures for their safety and livelihood, working as volunteers to help in times of emergencies, and organising training camps for young people and staying by their side as they grow up into mature adults. Counselling is provided to them through the agency of experts in information technology. World Peace Mission stands ready to jump in and save humanity at every turn wherever man faces crises of all sorts.


Besides, World Peace Mission organises interreligious gatherings, and green world mission seminars at school-college levels, and in collaboration with TRADA under the guidance of Martin Luther Christian University. It also serves as the focal point for social workers of World Peace Academy, and arrange certificate courses for those who are interested in social work, and sends those who successfully complete these courses for field work in various realms of social development; thus World Peace Mission has been completing a quarter-century of dedicated service to humanity.


Projects visualised for 2020, silver jubilee year

• Confer World Peace Mission awards on humanitarian workers who crossed the boundaries of the world to render their selfless services. Awards include

Viswa Santhi Ratnam,

Viswa Neeti Ratnam,

Viswa Kala Ratnam,

Viswa Manava Ratnam,

Viswa Sahitya Ratnam, etc

• Arrange an international film festival comprising classic cinemas from different countries which promote the idea of One Heart One World.

Festival Director : John Paul

• Conduct an international short-film competition on the concept of ”‘Love, Peace and Mercy’ Share with Your Neighbour”, with the cooperation of international assemblies of young people.

Online Short-film competition Director: Bejoy Cherian

• Start a free legal aid forum for the poor and downtrodden people of the world.

Legal aid forum director:


• A book – “Essence of Life (a complete book of life skills) - is released  for worldwide distribution. Its avowed aim is to make available education for children everywhere along with firm grounding in moral values.

• Start nature Tourism, inter-religious pilgrimage and socio-cultural program in collaboration with International Pilgrimage Revolution (IPR).

• The music album – Music for Meditation – is in the pipeline.

•: The dream project "Housing for the Poor" is currently on at various stages of execution.

Project director: Philip Maniyalil

We are

Let us join hands and forge ahead with our programmes for World Peace Mission. The ideal is to work for projects ‘on earth as it is in heaven’. We should notice the spark of divinity in everything and everyone and treat it with due respect and reverence. Feed the hungry, provide drink for the thirsty,  welcome the outsider, protect the privacy of the naked, provide nursing care for the sick and the dying, mark each life on earth and work sincerely for this aim, and to teach it and to inspire others to do the same. World Peace Mission is the stage for this enterprise.




Head Quarters

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