Prayer song

Our Father...

Hail Mary ...

Glory be ...


Psalm (144-146)


Leader: Sing a song to the Lord. For, He is full of love and compassion.

Community: Sing a song to the Lord. For, He is full of love and compassion.

Leader: Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised; His greatness is unsearchable.

Community: Sing a song to the Lord. For, He is full of love and compassion.

Leader: He heals the broken-hearted, and binds up their wounds.

Community: Sing a song to the Lord. For, He is full of love and compassion.

Leader: He gives to the animals their food, and to the young ravens when they cry.

Community: Sing a song to the Lord. For, He is full of love and compassion.

Leader: He liberates those in bondage, and protects the orphans.

Community: Sing a song to the Lord. For, He is full of love and compassion.

Leader: The Lord upholds those who are falling, and raises up all who are bowed down.

Community: Sing a song to the Lord. For, He is full of love and compassion.

Leader: You open your hand, satisfying the desires of every living thing.

Community: Sing a song to the Lord. For, He is full of love and compassion.

Leader: He fulfils the desire of all who fear him; he also hears their cry, and saves them.

Community: Sing a song to the Lord. For, He is full of love and compassion.


Monthly meeting – agenda


1. Initial remarks (President)
2. Monthly report by the General Secretary (income and expenses – working report)
3. New projects – ministries – suggestions; discussion and decisions on the date and  time for the execution of projects
4. Assessment of programs carried out so far. (felicitate children of members who scored high marks/won praise; greet members who celebrate birthdays/anniversaries)
5. Other items as permitted by the President


Intercessory prayer


1. Lord God, united in prayer, we stand here before you. We firmly trust in your promise that whatever we pray for with deep faith, the same shall we receive in abundance. Whatever you ask in my name, my heavenly Father will grant you. Where two or three are gathered in my name, I will be there in their midst. Trusting in these promises of yours, we your children have assembled here and pray in your holy name. You are powerful enough to grant all our needs. We pray you to accept our prayers and to grant all our requests. We pray to you, Lord.

All: Lord, hear our prayer.


2. Lord, we pray to you to lead us by hand and fill our family life with the spirit of prayer, spiritual convictions and life lessons, and fill all families with the fragrance of your spirit.

All: Lord, hear our prayer.


3. We pray the Lord to lead us along the path of holiness,and to grant us the graces we need to lead holy lives, and to guide us in the conviction that no matter what the circumstances of each one’s life, it is possible to develop spiritually, mentally, physically and intellectually without straying from the path of righteousness; Lord, we need the assurance of faith that despite all unfavourable circumstances, it is possible to overcome them and to lead lives befitting the children of God.

All: Lord, hear our prayer.


4. We pray the Lord to keep in holiness all couples, their children and all their social relations, knowing that all relations not prompted by God will inevitably end in darkness and failure.

All: Lord, hear our prayer.


5. We pray the Lord to enable us to bear witness to the truth that we are not created to lead lives according to the promptings of the flesh but recognise the light of the soul; help us realise that our time on earth is meant to lead exemplary lives according to God’s will.

All: Lord, hear our prayer.


6. Every day we notice how atrocities and terrorismdevelop and flourish. Every nation stands trembling for fear of fundamentalism and extremism of one kind or another. Lord, we stand in need of your peace and protection, and we pray you, Lord, to protect our lives through your compassionate providence, and to bring back to the path of peace all who are bonded to the powers of evil and darkness.

All: Lord, hear our prayer.


7. We pray that you would fill with your mercies all heads of states and religious leaders and different religious communities, and not permit them to develop mutual hatred, superiority feelings and distrust of one another; make them come together under the umbrella of your love and peace, to listen to your voice and to follow your dictates.

All: Lord, hear our prayer.


8. We bring before you, Lord, every one of your children who are afflicted by various ailments, both corporal and spiritual. Like the woman with a haemorrhage who trusted in your power to heal if only she could touch the fringe of your cloak, we too pray with the same trust in your mighty power. We pray that you would visit us as healing, as peace, as redemption, and heal us of all our diseases and afflictions.

All: Lord, hear our prayer.

9. Oh God, our loving Father, we place before you all our personal intentions. Like Moses who raised his arms heavenward and prepared the way of grace, like Abraham, like Isaac, like Jacob, like Job, we raise our hearts and hands to you and offer our personal prayers. [For a moment let us keep silent and pray for all our needs.] We thank you, Lord, for receiving the prayers of all your people and granting their supplications.  Our hearts are filled with your peace and joy. We pray that this God-experience of ours shall be passed on to others as light for their lives.

All: Lord, hear our prayer.


10. Oh God our perpetual succour, you raised us out of nothing and have been providing for all our needs until this moment, we thank you for your providential care. We admire your everlasting providence that keeps us in peace, love, faith and holiness at every moment. Like the Blessed Mother, our hearts too proclaim: “My soul magnifies the Lord, and my spirit rejoices in God my Saviour.” We thank you for filling our dining tables withthe fullness of your goodness. If you are with us, that is enough for us. It alone is sufficient for us, your holy presence, your favour. We are grateful to you, Lord, for this blessed moment when you grant our prayers and make them fruitful. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. 


Prayer of peace


Oh God, make us instruments of your love, peace, compassion, and living signs of your presence among us. Our life is a gratuitous gift from you. Help us to reclaim every single individual without any divisive considerations, neither separations nor prejudices nor groupism, nor racism. Help us to look on our fellowmen with respect, compassion and concern, and to take care of them. We need your spiritual strength and strong will to stand by them in their hour of need. Whatever possess does not belong to me. It is all yours, Lord, your free gift. With this firm conviction, built on the solid rock of faith, we want to function as your monasteriesand churches. Therefore, we wish to travel to the ends of the earth, to the last day of our life, to bear witness to your goodness. Prepare our spirits for this great undertaking in the true spirit of the Gospel. Send us out on your mission of peace. Amen.


Concluding prayer


Lord, lead us along the right path by sending us your cloud cover during the day and your bright fire at night. Lord God of love, conform our thoughts, words and deeds to your plan for our life so that we may lead lives pleasing to you. Stay with us, Lord, through day and night as the cloud and fire that surrounds to protect us. Help us feel safe and secure in your never-failing love. Help us enjoy the security of your protection at all times. We are blessed to be a blessing to others. Amen.

We are

Let us join hands and forge ahead with our programmes for World Peace Mission. The ideal is to work for projects ‘on earth as it is in heaven’. We should notice the spark of divinity in everything and everyone and treat it with due respect and reverence. Feed the hungry, provide drink for the thirsty,  welcome the outsider, protect the privacy of the naked, provide nursing care for the sick and the dying, mark each life on earth and work sincerely for this aim, and to teach it and to inspire others to do the same. World Peace Mission is the stage for this enterprise.




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